The Gist - 5 Of The Best Speedruns From AGDQ 2015

January brought some epic speedruns from charity stream Awesome Games Done Quick. Here are five ‘must see’ runs!

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Love it only got little bit of the one 2 years ago but got to watch majority of this one. Gonna watch it ever year now!

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battleblock theater was the best most fun run of AGDQ IMHO

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The Ninja Gaiden relay race and Tetris The Grand Master block were probably my favorite parts. Wetwix was indeed very entertaining during the run of I want to be the Boshy. Speedrunning Trials and finishing the game with under 10 faults was also impressive but then he finished off by finishing all the Expert levels back to back with 0 faults.

I would also recommend looking at the TASBot videos... that was... special.

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I don't think we should glorify people developing OCDs...

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@GameYakuza: can you really develop OCD .. I thought you either have it or you dont.. ?

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The virginity is strong in these ones.

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I don't know why but you look extra cute this video...
Also, a game that is "I Want to be the Guy" harder, is just insane... Wouldn't even considered playing it...
And I really dug on that Ocarine of Time guy... Three dungeons, blindfolded... Respect!

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Tetris master indeed. Dang that's amazing!

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Man that tetris.

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The tetris stuff was incredible, I was honestly just amazed. I think some of my favorite moments were FF7, because it was hilarious with all of the names, Super Mario Sunshine, because of the skill and the great team on the couch commentating, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, because he beat the game with incredible skill in less time than I can clear 3 worlds, and finally Super Metroid, because someone donated $10,000 at the last minute to Save the Animals.

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@Kashmiro: I was going to say the Super Mario Sunshine one too. They got all 120 shines in the time it took me to complete one of the Shadow Mario levels. Let alone that horrible lily pad level, that level needs to be destroyed with fire.

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@pointingmonkey@Kashmiro: dinky kink (donky kong) does not point he smashes ;P

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the skills the skills i just have nothing else to say that was nuts all of it i have just been schooled and i wasn't even there XD

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The blindfold run was spectacular to watch live.

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the tetris guy, fucking sick

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@racho34: Yes that and the blindfold Zelda were pretty amazing, but all of them were pretty crazy.

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Jess, will you wear Wolf medallion after The Witcher 3 release?