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In lieu of Valentine's Day plans, Jess digs through the sexy, disarming and charming, and tells you five video game characters she'd totally date. Yeah, it's weird.

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1. Bastila Shan (KOTOR)

2. Liara T`soni (Mass Effect)

3. Elizabeth (Bioshock)

4. Triss Merigold (The Witcher)

5. Morrigan (Dragon Age)

6. Kerrigan (Starcraft - I mean the verson before Overmind took her :) while she was simply a ghost )

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Hm. Women that come to mind are Samara, Momiji, aaaand... I'd have to say Morrigan, although she's dark-side, lol.

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Ok, that was a totally weird video, especially because it made me think which characters I would date. Yup, thanks Jess for making me feel like a creep.

But anyway, since I went out of my way and thought about it, I'd say April Ryan from The Longest Journey. I mean, she's incredibly witty, charming, smart, complex and an artist. What else would you want in a person?

Other than that, it's hard to think of other characters that I'd date. Alistair and Leliana were charming, but who'd want to date someone with so much blood on their hands. Most characters in videogames tend to be violent in a way or another, and violence is never attractive in a partner.

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@Ailurusf I like April Ryan too, but unfortunately, if you've ever played the sequel to Longest Journey, Dreamfall, you'll know that she grows up to be a completely different person, resembling Xena the Warrior Princess more than her old self. I'm not saying it's unrealistic (she did spend 10 years in a completely different world, fighting an oppressive and ruthless regime, after all), but the change is really quite jarring.

There is a "puzzle" in the game where she sneaks up behind a guard and snaps his neck like she was Solid Snake or something (a far cry from her old method of dealing with guards - by slipping a laxative in their coffee). In fact, Zoe Castillo resembles the old April more than Dreamfall April does.

Also, in the original game her face looked kind of... misshapen, but that's just an artifact of primitive late 90s graphics.

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how many gamespotters would have freacked out if she said franklin from gta 5. o lol

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I don't understand all that love for Liara. Not talking about Jess, but the guys here. Come on! How about Isabella from Dragon Age 2. You have to admit that this is usually the type of girls we go after in real life, despite being a painfully obvious bad idea.

There is also one that no one seems to remember but if you like your girls blue-skinned, how about Viconia DeVir from Baldur's Gate?

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Wrong Mass Effect character in my book. Garrus is the top of my list.

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@TaleraRis As a straight male, Garrus is someone I would hang out with while Liara is my wife. And yes, I hate the term "waifu"

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"Your desire is my command" Alistair <3

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4. Morrigan (because I have this terrible habit of dating crazy, but awesome women) -- Dragon Age

3. Rena - Star Ocean: The Second Story

2. Celes -- FFVI

1. Miranda -- Mass Effect

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My number one is easy. Miranda from Mass Effect

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God damn Jess, you're such a badass

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I would date Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Kitana from Mortal Kombat or Alyx from Half-Life 2.

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Yay! Monkey Island.

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love you for including two ladies in your top 5!

Liara is definitely my all time top videogame love. Stuck with her throughout the Mass Effect playthrough. Guess we're one of them loyal sods ;)

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#4: Still doesn't explain how I got married. I must have accidentally slipped that wedding band on her finger and she just stuck with me because of the way I apologize. ;)

#2: I loved Alistair's humor at first, but in later replays his ignorance rubbed me the wrong the way. I mean that more a personal flaw of mine than a critique on his character design, as I found him to be one of the most believable characters I'd ever encountered in fiction. That said, sometimes it behooves a person to take their circumstances seriously. I have learned that humor is best received in retrospect.

I don't think I've ever had an approach to games thinking, "I'd so date [insert character name here]." Even characters I have enjoyed seeing in games never reach a level of awkwardness for me these days, but I think there might have been one character (I don't recall who) that affected me so much that I did feel a tad strange to suddenly realize that it's only a video game. Perhaps this is due to my analytical nature.

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Lara Croft.. Nuff said!

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I liked Anne Bonny in Assassin's Creed IV.

Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII.

Cybil Bennet from Silent Hill.

Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear.

Is it weird most of those are from the PS1 era? And most of them are bad ass strong types? Seems I DO have a type.

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1. Kaelyn the Dove (Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer) -Good dialogue, nice virtue, defies the gods and the planes (Probably thought she might be more interested in crusades than in dating)

2. Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI) -Sword-wielding opera-capable general whose pretty good at keeping up hope and knows how to build rafs (Wouldn't take her from Locke thought)

3. Tali'Zorah (Mass Effect -series) -Goes on pilgrimage, spawns combat drones and wields a shotgun, cares for the engines and can make peae with the Geth (No kissing with the immunocompromised)

4. Merrill (Dragon Age 2) -Good-willing, likes history and heritage, doesn't fear blood, "crazy in the good way" (Might bring her demons to a date)

5. Raven (Ultima IX: Ascension) -Life-saving business woman who sails the seas and lives in a ship on a dry land (Declining to join her guild might be a dealbreaker)

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fenris is the kind of boy who would have been picked on at school for 2 strapping his bag and listening to my chemical romance

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Interestingly, If the host of this article had been male discussing which female characters he'd date, we'd be innundated with comments berating the bloke for being sexist, freaky or un-pc. Worse, we'd get a Carolyn Petit article about misogeny.

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@smylexx You're speculating. Maybe if the male host's sole focus was on how hot the female characters look, we'd get those comments. But in that case they would be justified.

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No love for Big Boss, anyone?

Like your women slightly trashy and unpredictable? How about Maria from Silent Hill 2?

Like women who'll beat you black and blue and never "put out"? Try our Nina Williams special.

Like "nice" girls? How about "mixed-race"? Let me introduce you to this young priestess called Yuna...

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Flemeth from DA would be my first choice my second would be a Khajiit.

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@guardianofhonor Flemeth? Wow you are brave. She scares me. :/

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What about May Ling from Aquanox 2 ??? that girl had personality !!!

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Hell. I'd date Guybrush Threepwood. The guy is a fearless pirate AND hilarious. Even if I wouldn't date him. Definitely share a few pints of grog with him.

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"So Valentine's Day came and went and some of us spent it with our special someone, while others weren't so lucky."

Ouch, the burn!

Yes, it's so much worse when your date of birth is February 14, 1984!

Here's to celebrating 30 years of being a virgin...

I hate life.

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@Jeremy012 For what it's worth, most are really just with who they settled for and/or who settled for them, and of those most men spent a lot of money in the hopes that their woman simply wouldn't finish the day disappointed with them and might offer physical affection in return for the right bribe, er, gift. It's the day when the most elusive human condition, selfless love, gets put under the microscope and exposed for the illusion it usually is. I've seen enough couples going through the motions to know solitude is much better.

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You're right about solitude being better than being with someone I don't care about. I can attest to that.

As far as being a sheep, I don't mind being a follower if I enjoy and appreciate the product or people who happen to be doing shepherding/ herding/leading.

I don't like being a sheep or follower to people who might secretly or discreetly hold me in contempt, mockery, or scorn. As if their job was taunt me.

But, alas, I won't say anymore.

As a sheep before his shearers is dumb, he opened not his mouth.

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@Jeremy012 There are always the working girls for you... Share a buck and they ll power lvl you out of the blues

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Ugh...the annoying, dull, boring Liara. Let's face it, the only reason people like "her" so much is because "she" is a blue alien.

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@crix01 I'd be lying if I said I didn't die trying to plow Samara... more than once.

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@Ayato_Kamina_1 @crix01 You mean Morinth?

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@crix01 What the...?

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Hands down, Jiggly puff - has a big rump

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Slightly off topic here, but these comments (well, the ones about characters in games anyway) are a pretty good rebuttal to the "RIP Bioware" crowd.

Seems Bioware is still connecting with a whole lot of gamers.

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In no particular order:

Chloe-Uncharted Series

Liara-Mass Effect

Nariko-Heavenly Sword

Carly-The Walking Dead

Nix-Infamous 2

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Probably Tifa or Lightning (Final Fantasy series) for the prety looks! For the warm heart, it's probably Fiora (Xenoblade).

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Ok for me.

1. Quistis - Final Fantasy VIII

2. Agnes - Bravely Default

3.Kokoro - Dead or Alive series

4. Tanya - Red Alert

5. Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile

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@LJNkickstarter Quistis, you just like the whip.

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Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Shepard (Mass Effect), Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX), Snow (Final Fantasy XIII) and the new Dante of DMC

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@sotantalus New Dante? Surely you mean old Dante.

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@eddieham13 The new Dante is less emo looking. Maybe that's why?

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I though this might lead to a series of comments about how games have evolved to such an extent that the characters have become realistic and likeable enough that someone would actually want to date them. A testament to the writing of stories and the games as a whole and a hat's off the the writers for providing us with such amazing characters.

Instead, I find a long list of comments discussing Jess' sexual orientation which were distasteful enough to put me off my tea, though maybe not angry enough for an episode of Feedbackula. But put it together with the reaction to Ellen Page's recent announcement and there you go, one more reason to think gamers are a bunch of rancid turds.

That said, thank you for a lovely show, Jess. Interesting as always and surprisingly thought-provoking.

P.S.: Kate Walker from Syberia. I would definitely date her.

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@den_svaravargen I really think the comments weren't that bad this time around. Most people were nice and/or gave their lists. There were some inappropriate comments, but not nearly as much as I expected (judging by your comment). Respect for mentioning Kate Walker. :-)

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@loafofgame @den_svaravargen Like I said, it wasn't bad enough for an episode of Feedbackula, but still made me a bit angry.

Although, to be fair, I had also read some of the comments on youtube before posting here. Don't go there, it's a jungle!

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Rinoa (FFVIII), Morigan (Dragon Age), Aeris (FFVII), but definitely NOT Rose (Metal Gear Solid 2)

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Triss, Liara, Reboot Lara, Elizabeth & Helena harper :)

Maybe Eliza Cassan as well But, she's an AI .