The Gist - 5 Broken Games That Launched Anyway

Major games have been launching with massive technical issues lately, so we’re taking a look back at some of gaming’s most broken games.

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Sonic '06 instead of Sonic Boom? People actually like Sonic '06 better than Boom. Slightly, but they still do.

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"Its Superman 64, it sucks"....

ROFL, best line eva!

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Are you up for contract renewals?

It's not only EA that can get sued, you know that right?

Why the shout out to the kord?

You have done better work before.

Came here for end of year news - all we get is a wannabe-dev who has no game's to her credit as far as I know trashing anything she feels like trashing.

Please let us know what games YOU have developed and published Ms. Jess?

Don't get me wrong. If I don't like a game, I let the publisher know.

Why are you digging in the troves instead of developing a game yourself?

Thanks and cheers.

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@duderdave This guy is the Air Control developer.

Buddy, you don't need to develop games to know when one sucks.

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Worst piece of site I have seen all year this.

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I just started playing Battlefield 4. Its seems to run pretty good. Was there a problem at launch, did I miss something? :)

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Add Far Cry 4 for the PC to your list. Before it was patched the game didn't even start.

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the last 2 games cracked me up totally!

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"Ride to Hell: Retribution"

Why? because even if every bug was to be fixed the game would still be a broken mess.

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Seriously, f*ck BF4. They should have been sued into oblivion for that crap. So much false advertising and so much brokenness. I love how their remedy to the problem is to come out with a sh*tty cops and robbers game instead of the real BF game people have been wanting since BF3. I played the Hardline beta. It was the worst shooter I've played in a long time.

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BF4 was bad but I'm sure EA/DICE are pleased to know that there are others out there that are far more incompetent than they are!

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5 games in video:

5.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

4.) Superman 64

3.) BF4

2.) Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

1.) Air Control

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@SolidTy Ahá, you are right, we saw it...

Hmmm... Ok, just out of twisted curiosity: Why did you feel the need of making this post again?

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To save me time.

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@Kayweg @novaprime1985 This!!!

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GTA online was the most broken because it was the easiest game to mod/hack at launch.

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Air Control is certainly more broken than Big Rigs but Big Rigs was an actual boxed retail product while Air Control is of an age where the barrier to entry is way lower with digital distribution.

Also the original Sonic game was for the MegaDrive (Genesis) and the MasterSystem version was a back-port that came out a few months later. The MasterSystem version was also pretty crappy if I remember correctly. :P

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Do you guys want to know something truly ironic? Sure the developers made some really bad games, but you know what is almost just as bad? A reviewer who doesn´t mention any of these things, which was the case with battlefield 4, which scored an 8 out of 10 here on gamespot.

Yea, because the only bad thing about battlefield 4 is " Campaign doesn't embrace series strengths" Right chris? Right.

But now let´s pretend to be the good guys, and suddenly care about the interests of the consumer.


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I would rate the game an 8. I had it day one. I had problems with it but my overall enjoyment was good. I know it was broken but it was still a lot of fun. Now Halo MCC was/is broken beyond absolute belief. That game was so far from finished smh

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@Sweetew I just booted up BF4 to see if there have been any fixes and nope. Game still drops shots and still have hit detection issues. Still get full instant damage and still have damage that piles up too fast; ie damage is delayed then gets buffed against current damage so you take 2x damage while your commands get delayed or ignored all together.

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@Sweetew I lol'd that one because I also remember that too. I also remember that a bunch of youtubers received monetary compensation for lauding the game saying its awesome, better than BF3, removed tons of crap everyone hated from BF3 and blah blah blah. So funny how everyone did a 180. I also remember that sweet spot where the gaming was great, it was about 2 months after release that it worked great, then it went into oblivion again. They released a netcode fix but it still sucked, and then created a specialty selection of servers to beta test fixes that should have been done during the actual beta and only a select few of players were allowed to play and test. Yeah what a fantastic way to say screw you to the player base. I so glad I never bought into Hardline and CODAW, what a waste! BF4 was such a waste of money.

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@Sweetew to be fair I think during the time of the review the game was playing just fine. I remember a certain sweet spot where BF4 worked totally fine for like a month before everything went to hell for all eternity.

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@Patohua1 @Sweetew Not me and my friends that´s for sure. The game didn´t become playable after 3 months for us. We tried to fix it on our end, by removing old drivers, install new ones etc.

Then when it started to get better, we had to deal with the netcoding issues, instant kills etc.

Nah, BF4 was and still is garbage. I gave it a go a couple of days ago.

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@Sweetew nice post....They always manage to omit some things don't they? How about the new Far Cry co-op mode....every review I have seen, here as well, noted how great the co-op gameplay was, yet they forget to add that only the host gets credit for pickups and defeating camps, fortresses, etc...

Hard to trust reviews anymore at all.

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dev's are getting lazy as hell, &/or publishers are pushing them out the door immediately

either way, we're still boned

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@novaprime1985 or people buy stuff before it's released...

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Ooooof. All of those are so rough! This was fun.

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PC is filled with sh*tty indie games like Air Control.

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@greaseman1985 The selection of crap games is probably about 1% overall in the PC selection of games. Don't forget the fact that PC games are pretty much backwards compatable still. Im not sure if windows 8 can play older games that were designed to work on XP but pretty much any game made from late 90's to now can pretty much still be played on a PC even on windows 7. compare that to the consoles of today where they have to remake the whole thing just so a current system can play it and now you need to respend the same money you spent on an older game from years ago just to play it on your new console system. In some ways that's ok, master chief collection is one of the few worth it since it packs 4 games and tons of content, but most games are just straight ports with nothing added.

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@greaseman1985 it's also filled with more gems than all consoles put together, so I will happily take the sh*tty ones.

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People don't buy broken or unfinished games!

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@gf61 A lot of those games are usually niche games that are for people who are adventuresome or actually like driving a big rig in a game or like flying and wonder about the life of a flight stewardess. The reviewers are the other selection of people who get these games because they have to review them and tell us if they are good or not.

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Ah I don't think the truck can be topped though the plane just because it came out this year is bloody close.

But hey they made Destiny look like a AAA title so there is that.

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assassins creed and this other assassins creed with the hacker

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Pretty good list, but I guess 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' probably deserves honorable mention, though, for being so broken it almost broke the industry.

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@Dovetailed The game "E.T" was finished but the developer didn't have much time. He only have like 5weeks deadline

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@Dovetailed Watch that documentary. They bust that at the end.

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as said in the video anything with bethesda on the front especially f***in skyrim urghhhh

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How come they always call Superman on N64 as "Superman 64", when that's not its actual title?

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@philmarlowe because there are like 6 other superman games... named you guessed it... superman. the 64 denotes both the system and differentiates this superman from those superman games. and having suffered through all of maybe 1 hour of this game... maybe 4... it definitely deserves to be on this list.

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@philmarlowe Probably just to remind people what system it was on. It was just called "Superman", but that is quite vague, and "Superman 64" clarifies just fine.

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i spend 100.00 on broken field 4

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@B-boy Then go play it. It doesn't seem to have any remarkable issues now.

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You completely missed the launch of Anarchy Online. While the game got fixed, it still stands the test of time as the worst MMO launch of all times.

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List does not include Total War: Rome 2. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a developer. Oh, and somehow it got around 8 on most of its reviews. Somehow.

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Big Rigs! I'll never forget watching Alex Navarro's review here on GameSpot; easily one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.

Literally the first time I ever played Battlefield 4 (while waiting for the full game to install on PS4), the campaign crashed and erased all of my save data. I knew right away the game was a winner!

Still, far and away the most broken game I've ever played was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360. There were so many broken quests in that game! It crashed on me at least 20 times. I literally completed many broken quests by glitching them over and over. Fun game, but completely broken.

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Games that "LooOOOUuunch" xD

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Big Rigs Racing is an under-appreciated masterpiece.