The Gist - 5 Biggest Games Industry Dramas Of 2015!

From Konami’s treatment of Hideo Kojima, to the fight between censorship and “too sexy” female game characters - this year had loads of drama! Here’s the lowdown.

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Oh the drama! It's getting a bit tiresome, but that's just the way things are.

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Hideo Kojima + CDPR = ?????

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Don't understand the too sexy bit about Cindy. Most of the game features a mostly shirtless man having a bromance with three emo guys. And none of those characters are the least bit turned on by CIndy. Makes an unrealistic statement about men's abs, their sexuality and emo bromances in general.

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The Dead or Alive team really screwed over their fans by deciding not to release their game in the west. The people who didn't want it to come out are happy while the fans, you know the people who are on your side and want to play the game, got the shaft. F--K them for letting the ******** censors win.

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@themanitou23: I know right guess I'll have to import a copy..

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@themanitou23: the main series dead or alive is just as sexualised as the beach volley ball extreme games and it's still coming to the west, but unlike the main series the latter has poor sales, so I highly doubt the real reason is "feminazis censoring it", KT is a japanese company they don't care about what people say on tumblr, it's just an excuse cause the last DoA extreme sold like shit and doesn't worth localizing, and use this as a publicity stunt.

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Nobody really cared about Cindy, except some really prude journalists. It was not a drama, stop making stuff up to fit some agenda.

Oh and the same journalist made Dead or Alive not come to the West, so they are clearly winning. Never thought journalists would enjoy censorship, hope it doesn't back fire in their faces.

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I almost brought that red hiding hood game too. I thought hey this looks good on Steam. I suppose lucky I didn't until I know for sure that an episode 2 is coming out

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The Kojima-Konami feud was definitely crazy but WB, Iron Galaxy, and Rocksteady took the cake. I'm fairly tolerant when it comes to games not being perfect on release but that game was SH** on release. haha. The 1st game and 2nd game have Steam Reviews 97% & 96% positive. The final game... 48% Positive

BTW Hideo Kojima should keep the goatee with the gray strands.

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I'd say the Kojima-Konami situation was far and away the most dramatic bit. Damn near entertaining to here the updates.

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The video keeps sticking at 0.23 for me. Please fix GS.

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Too sexy? Have these people seen movies or music videos? They show much much more skin in pg 13 movies. If you're worried about your parents seeing this character then maybe you're not old enough to play the game. Go play mario or something.

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Anyone knows the name of that first song?

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The Kickstarter failures are just sad, honestly. Consumers need to be more savvy and, most importantly, the developers need to make sure they can handle what they're getting into.

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Seriously broken games, Kickstarter failures and controversy concerning depiction of women in games, *sigh*, the industry hasn't moved a lot forward seeing that similar events took place in 2014. Not much change is expected in 2016. I think it was intrusive for the media to keep a close eye on Konami and Kojima's relationship, a relationship between an employer and employee. It would have been uncalled for if there weren't revelations about Konami treating Kojima & Co. like slaves. It was an unfortunate affair but one that has come to pass especially as Konami shift focus to mobile and Kojima has his own studio.

P.S Making episodes when its Christmas time? Looks like the bells aren't ringing yet in Australia.

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@justbefahad: Something I try to keep in mind about the Kojima/Konami situation, the information we got is mostly one sided and almost all unconfirmed or at least not well supported, very little to no hard facts, a lot of hearsay. I'm pretty sure he was treated badly but I still have to admit we really only got one side of the story and not even directly.