The Gist - 3 Reasons to Look Forward to Child of Light

Jess tells you what’s so awesome about the upcoming RPG from Ubisoft, and why it deserves your attention.

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Oh come ON Jess, we all know you're hyped for this game because the protagonist has flowing red hair just like you. Pls, so obvious.. (I'm joking, well, half-joking ;))

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Really looking forward to Drakengaurd 3 next month

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im not a fan of Turn based. It just feels too limited and or dated. It was fine back in the days of the snes and ps1. But not today. Thats my view anyway lol

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@TERMINATOR-SSD Turn based hardly is "dated" - it's a completly valid way of doing it. But - it's okay not to like it, besides based on that

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I never understood the appeal of turn-based fighting. I played through all of FFVII and FFVIII and just put up with it.

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@Freeze-dried Same here. Chess makes sense being turn-based because progression is based heavily on your opponents last move and trying to figure out how they might move in the future.

Fighting just doesn't make sense being turn-based because there aren't any long term strategies beyond 'make the other guys health bar go down faster' (damage over time just delays the effect of a single attack, it's still one attack that has no strategic implications later on).

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Jess looks amazing. I want her as my girlfriend.

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Can't wait to get this. Love the art style. This will be my last game for this 360/PS3 generation.

This will help kill some time before Nintendo finally shows ZELDA WII-U. C'mon E3! :)

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a riveting, but sneaky prequel to "Heavenly Sword"

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Looks really interesting! Can hardly wait...RPG-Goodness

Jess could you look any better!!

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Hoping I can get my non-gamer wife to try this one out, she enjoyed Lollipop chainsaw but only if my son or I was playing it. While she has some fun screwing around on Minecraft or Crash Bandicoot, to get HER to say "be right there after this dungeon, honey" would be priceless.

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The art style annoys me.

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That combat looks remarkably similar to Grandias.

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By order of release dates: Dark Souls 2 PC > Child of Light > Watch Dogs > Dragon Age Inquisition > Shadow of Mordor.

Also, why does the PS4 version of Child of Light is reported to be 720p in PSN store?

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If only the game does not have a Ubisoft label. :(

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@Gelugon_baat if only you never opened your fucking mouth EVER again... :(

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You and your wishful thinking, cyloninside - *tsk* *tsk*

I suppose that you still haven't learned that it's quite difficult to get someone to go away by bashing that person repeatedly.

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It's grandia's combat system Jess, I strongly recommend grandia 1 and 2 in the mean time to anybody who hasn't played those

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can't wait for this game, got it preordered on steam!

What a year this will be for RPG'S! South Park, Dark Souls2, Child Of Light, Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland2, Dragon Age 3 and Grim Dawn!

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Thank you Jess. Great show.

An RPG is incomplete if you can't flirt and have romance with the opposite sex.

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@SaintsRowLA Can hardly call such games an RPG. In my opinion RPGS are games that feature ROLE PLAYING - meaning choices and decision making.

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Informative, I'm maybe slightly interested in this game now. My memory of prior Gamespot coverage consists of simply hearing how beautiful the game looks.

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Didn't you watch Mark Walton's video?

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Can't wait for Child of Light. So beautiful. :)

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Hadn't given it any mind but it does seem kinda interesting. And I loved Grandia 2's combat system so this looks pretty cool as far as combat goes (though it would be even better if it took place in a 3D area, not something one can expect from a 2D sidescroller)

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My most anticipated game this year would of been Witcher 3, but since that's not the case anymore..I can settle for Dragon Age Inquisition instead. It looks quite promising really.

I wonder if Bioware will do that game justice and not disappoint like they did with DA2.

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@Darkhol0w It looks to be great. People(not you, persay) are still harping over the faults of DA2 instead of judging Inquisition on what we know of it, which is all amazing.

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@Spartan070 @Darkhol0w

What's the matter with Dragon Age II. I guess people didn't like the "automatic pilot" when you play as the swordsman, but playing as the mage is awesome in combat. The rogue or theif or whatever the other one was called was good to in combat, but the mage was great.

I made an attractive dark red head and I love the mage powers. I didn't play the original DA for comparison.

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child of light comes on my birthday :3

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@BrunoBRS Happy Birthday from now then, since I will probably die at some hard boss in DS2 on that day.

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Game sure looks aesthetically beautiful and I'm looking forward to playing it.

Too bad I will have to hold back onto buying it until I am finished with Dark Souls 2 on PC.

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I can' wait for Child of Light! I'm only disappointed that the Limited Edition isn't coming to Xbox One... Or America for that matter.

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I really want this game, but I am just not prepared to tolerate Uplay.

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What's so bad about Uplay. It maybe a bit silly and unnecessary, but it's no big deal.

You make one account and log in, then it's completely invisible after that. I think you never have to log in again or deal with it with subsequent Uplay game installed on the same hard drive where your original account data is stored.

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@19James89 Trials Fusion got me used to it but I know what you mean.

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I will never skip anything done by Ubi-Art...

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Hmmm. *Now* I'm curious... :)

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@dagsix Me too. Most of the previous Gamespot coverage for this game seemed to be just saying over and over how beautiful it is :).