The Games We Played the Most in 2015 - The Lobby

Some games are long, others are infinitely repayable. In this segment brought to you by Duracell, we talk about the games we played the most this calendar year.

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Bloodborne would be most played but The Witcher 3 isn't very far behind.

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Fun show. For me it's Fallout 4 so far, long deep game that will be replayable for years, though not perfect. Bethesda rocks!

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MGS V, GTA V on PC, Splatoon, Black Ops 3, Rocket League, Trove, Super Mario Maker, Dying Light and Ori (finished the last two twice).

And Smash, but that's not a 2015 game. But you guys did mention Destiny, so...

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Most played would be Fallout 4 and Bloodborne

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Witcher 3 is my most played by far. I beat the whole game twice once on normal and the second time on death march. I then finished the DLC on death march which by the way was a real challenge!!! I have logged about 350 hours total. Level 68

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I want to luv The Witcher but, that combat system in the other games is so convoluted and so bad.

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My most played game this year is either Borderlands 2 or Mario Kart 7 :P

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Real AAA game worth 60$.