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PC's are 3d capable already, imo 3d is only good at 1080p with a large screen to get the best experience Although I would suggest to wait for glassless 3d it should be in the market within the next two years..

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Because of 3D I hope that this can disallow really bad games and movies. But can you imagine, watchin the news in 3D? That's excessive especially when medias such as that is to inform, to raise awareness not be entertainment. I agree that technology is outgrowing the context of the quality in basic elements (eg. storyline/literature) and especially ethics. But I'm all for 3D for entertainment purposes. I don't have a hdtv since that glasses less 3DHD would be worth the wait.

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Because of 3D I hope they disallow really bad games and movies. Can you image, watchin the news in 3D? That's a excessive especially when medias such as that is to inform, to raise awareness not be entertainment. I agree that technology is outgrowing the context of the quality in basic elements (eg. storyline/literature) and especially ethics. But I'm all for 3D for entertainment purposes.

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I was lucky enough to see the 3D TV with out glasses 4 years ago. After that for months I couldn't believe how good it looked. If anyone is considering to get a 3D TV wait for the next Gen, with out glasses.

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It's not theory on the PC platform. I'm gaming in 3D now with Nvidia 3D Vision. It is freaking awesome.

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I have a 3D setup and playing Black-Ops in 3D is insanely fun. You actually feel the depth from how far or close someone actually is. At the same time it brings each location alive as you feel surrounded by your environment. There is definitely a future for this tech in games. I can't wait till someone takes advantage of this technology and combines it with motion control technology. That would be as close to being within a game as we have possible today. Down side to all this is price, but I believe soon all this will be affordable. When 3D was first announced less than a year ago just for a 3DTV it cost over $3000. I just purchased mine less than a month ago and I got a Samsung 58" plasma 3DTV with 2 glasses and a blu-ray movie for only $2200. I'm sure that price will surely drop even more this holiday season. Oh and one last thing, here's a hint for anyone with a 3D setup that needs more 3D glasses....EBAY!!! You can get them insanely cheap there. I bought 4 pairs from Ebay and I paid only $280!!! If I had bought them from Best Buy I would have paid almost a grand.

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i want 3d but without damn glasses.

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3D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Xenuri I do.

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Would be intense having 3D tech in horror games, if anybody has played Amnesia you know what Im talking about.

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It's very expensive

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Interesting at the least

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lol, why is there standing 'røde' on his mic? ..it's pretty common to call either a communist or a ginger in my country :)

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The 3D technology is just for an option for gaming. It's not crucial if a game does not have the 3D technology. I love 2D games just the same....their beautiful...like Resident Evil 0 on Gamecube.

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this game looks amazing, definatley going 2 buy it

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Hahaha, the mic. "Would you like some co*k with that opinion?".

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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It's easier to make a 3D movie than a 3D game since movies uses 2 pre-rendered 3D layers. Games on the other actually render everything real-time, which means we'll need double the processing power (the console) and a 120hz display. It's a simple but expensive concept.

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You are all complaining about the glasses but imagine this - am I going to buy a -100$ glasses or a +1000$ TV?

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Hands down to Avatar for the 3D revolution! Can't believe 'The Hurt Locker' beat it in Oscars. David did beat Goliath.

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I think 3D is pretty cool, as long as developers use the technology right, then it is cool but the problem is that it is really expensive to get the TV's, a price drop is needed. 3D stuff I'm excited for are Killzone 3, Crysis 2 and the 3DS

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cell-shaded and real 2d (castle crashers, braid,etc.) better not have this 3D gimmick attached! Most PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 and MGS4 should have online firmware based 3D support!!!

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I'm with the Capcom guys on this. As long as the developers don't go crazy and try to incorporate it in games that have no use for it, just for the sake of it, it could be a good thing. It could certainly enhance the gaming experience of certain genres just keep it under control ok?

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3D Glasses while playing?! But....I already wear glasses XD LOL...- FML

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Cool for non wearing glasses 3d Tvs. Would definetly help titles like those bikini beach vollyball games they make. But seriously....one small step for 3d, one giant leap towards virtual reality

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This a real or dream I see. 100% 3d games will be better.!!wow!!amazing

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This a real dream I see. 3d games are turning better .!!wow!!

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Yeah, sure, but I wouldn't hype it up that much. I see it as a nifty little trick which I liken to the shuffle button on my MP3 player... I like that it's there but I could really do without it just the same...It really didn't affect Avatar much for me, and it sure as hell won't change a bad ending.

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3D rocks! Screw the haters , by the way it's HD3D no no worries!

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awesome for sure if u dont need glasses

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i think 3D gaming will be great but not until they get rid of the glasses and with 3D TV prices so high its also not going to be available to many people

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3d gamming will be great..

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if I have to wear glasses to get the effect than no thanks

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i like the idea of playing games in 3d but the technology isnt that great yet and its waaay too expensive. 3-5 years down the road and it'll be a hit

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Very interesting for sure, but the cost and the glasses are the biggest obstacles right now! I think it is a great concept but it isn't for every game and right now is very new technology so in a few years we will see what happends with the games and movies. So I will not be buying a 3D TV until the technology matures.

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nice one

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I think over the next 1 to 2 years 3d gaming will start emerging on multiple platforms. Let's face it, it's not for everyone...but we should point out that at the end of the day, if it serves a purpose in a game, like immersing the player deeper an more convincingly without being overbearing this would be a plus. Why do we play video games? To be captivated and immersed into a fantasy world that doesn't exist, so why not have that world come to life as if u could just reach out and touch it? Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up =]

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i think the whole concept or home tv 3d for gaming is great!!

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@ 3:00 is he wearing a yellow jacket sitting in a black chair, or is he wearing a yellow & black jacket???

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Having tried out lots of 3D I believe (or hope) the cinema 3D should die, I simply don't think it's any good - and i'm a film maker! Avatar was great, but just as a tech demo, it doesn't add anything to the story either way. I do believe that there is immense potential for 3D in gaming (and sport if your into that kind of thing) and i'll be investing in a TV within a year from now. I tried a TV out recently and it genuinely was quite impressive. Also a friend, who is skeptical about just about everything, said he had a go on Killzone 2 in 3D in a store in the USA and it blew him away. FPS and action games, and any 3rd person game (like WOW) would be alot of fun in 3D. And of course like alot of people have been pointing out, 3DTV's also play as standard HDTV's in 2D. So you ALWAYS have the option. As long as it doesn't cause regular headaches and eyesore lets give it a chance!

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i wont even try 3d untill i can do it on a 3dtv and then ill decide if i give it a future, i already hate wearing my own glases. and i watched a view movies in 3d and its awesome but right now i dont think the games i like should be in 3d aspecialy the 3d type that i saw with avatar, if i tryed just looking around the screen it got a little blury and in things like highspeed racegames ang shooters That Would Be FATAL so keep on advancing it

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3D gaming better develop more advanced technology, as of now 3d sucks dick, especially 3d motion picture

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like that last guy's opinion 'star trek holodeck' 360 degrees of gaming that would be great

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First off, maybe you people should first try a 3d tv! When 3d was comming out, I thought "oh great, 3d is already crap in the movie theatres, why do we need it in our homes!?" But when I tried it, when I saw the 3d tv with the glasses, I was blown away by the picture and the quality! It is 5,000 times better than the 3d in the theatres!!! Plus, the tv has a 2d mode, so you DON'T have to watch anything in 3d!

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Yes, the technology is definitely in its infant stages and there are some hurdles here and there, the price primarily, but once that is sorted its all good and the gamers will not just see but live the difference. the other problem for people is the glasses, while i personally don't have a problem with it, others do, but when you think about it, people wear glasses all the time, not just when playing, so this one will pass. but also, if they managed to find a solution to the glasses it's going to be a breakthrough and both people with and without sight problems will adopt the technology, and then prices of 3D TVs will instantly dive to get more people to buy them. that's just how i feel about it.

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3Ds not gonna last

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I got glasses and don't have contacts so I really don't like 3D until they make a 3D screen.

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