The Forest - Early Access Impressions

Teetering between moments of bone-chilling horror and utter beauty, The Forest is an early access title that aims to set itself apart from the over saturated genre of open world survival sims.

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Yep, think I'm gonna give it a go, haven't had a camping trip in a loooong time ;)

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Beautiful game, I am liking how developers are investing in survial-horror games such as Penumbra, Amnesia, Outlast, and so on, this genre somehow seemed it was fading away, but it's good to bring it back. Even better when they are investing ideas such as instead of the usual zombies or infected, talking about cannibals.

Excelent title I'm looking forward to.

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Might be a good romp.

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Really looking forward to this, will get it as soon as its finished.

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PC exclusive?

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@themc_7 For now.

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I gotta say cannibals and zombies, not really much difference.

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@NiteX You'r very wrong. Zombies are a good excuse to lousy AI. These cannibals can sometimes surprise you in terms of behaviour.

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@NiteX Well the main difference is the cannibals don't run straight at you the second they see you and can be frightened if you play it right. I think there's specific things you can build to scare them away. They also encircle you from what I've seen in videos so dealing with cannibals can be a lot more tense.

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Wish I could play the game, but it's too poorly optimized. The optimization improves with each update but in it's current state I'm only getting about 23FPS, and that's on the LOWEST settings possible. Meanwhile, an open-world game like Skyrim plays at 60FPS nearly maxed out on my system. I may be playing on a Laptop, but my system is pretty decent.

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@Xmus942 Had the same problem. 1st update solved the problem for me.

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@Xmus942 Provided you're running a NVIDIA card you can optimise/run it through

NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Should play much better.
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@Xmus942 What are your specs? I can max Skyrim and this runs like crap for me as well

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canivals would be scarier if they had ugly penises and aids.

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@ferna1234 Uhhhh they already do. Where do you live with such clean carnivals? Oh I'm sorry, you meant cannibals.

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@catsimboy Oh I thought he meant canivals... ya know cans that eat other cans... ya I dunno sorry I couldn't help myself.

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Wish I had the PC power to run this

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@Maverick6585 The power is within you, it always was. But yeah maybe you could get a gaming PC, just in case.