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The First 31 MInutes Of Bugsnax Gameplay

We've spent some time exploring the island of Bugsnax and meeting its grumpus inhabitants, which reveals how story driven and puzzle-oriented the game will be.

Bugsnax is a bright, colorful game about bugs that are also snacks. But with our first hands-on preview of the game, we discovered that it's also a pretty involved, narrative-driven game, and that understanding and capturing each of the 100 bugsnax scattered throughout the game's island is going to take some brainpower.

Check out the first 31 minutes of Bugsnax in the video above, with a little light commentary from Wild Horses president Philip Tibitoski and GameSpot's Phil Hornshaw as he plays the game on PC. The opening portion shows how you'll venture to the island of Bugsnax, encounter other grumpses, the Muppet-like people of Bugsnax's world, and help them solve problems. Those problems tend to involve catching and eating bugsnax, but to do that, you'll have to observe the behavior of each variety and learn how to catch them.

It's all in service of a larger story in which you meet Bugsnax's 14 inhabitants, learn their stories, and help them with their problems. But your ultimate goal is to solve the mystery of what happened to their leader, Elizabert Megafig, and uncover the full story of the island.