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Goat Simulator is here! Also The Elder Scrolls Online, Age of Wonders 3, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and MLB 14: The Show

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Goat simulator? Count me in :-)

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hey what about FTL AE :\

boo mary boo

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LOL those skeletons

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Yeah that was pretty funny..

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Goat Simulator, out April 1st. Yeah, sure.

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jeez, nothing this week.....

April is gonna be dead for the most part, just Mercenary Kings free 4 PS+ and Strike Suit Zero later.....

Also, Child Of Light has gotten some buzz...not interested in COL myself though....

May is gonna be bigger, Watchdogs among other games....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy You are forgetting GOAT SIMULATOR

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@useyournikesbro And that's a bad thing how???

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Goat Simulator needs to come to Xbox Live. Easy buy for sure.

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Can't wait to buy Goat Simulator!

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Really really really looking forward to trying Age of Wonders 3! I didnt like the beta for elderscrolls online much, but I think I will try it anyways. Goat Simulator just looks hilarious lol, I will watch jackseptic eye play it though (;

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What was that with the talking skeleton ??

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@bdous Was from Army of Darkness

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Elder Scrolls online sucks. That game is nowhere near ready for release. I played the beta a few weeks ago and it was absolutely atrocious. Felt like some F2P garbage, but worse.

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@Syndicalist You're basing that opinion on a beta build? OFC it wasn't "ready for release"... it was a BETA build... /shrug... you're entitled to your own opinions, ofc, but at least have a properly informed opinion. The game is a hell of a lot better than that beta build was...

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Nothing here for me.

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Age of Wonders 3!!! Age of Wonders Shadow Magic is probably my most favourite game of all time.