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The Dumb Sh*t We Do In Video Games

Despite video games' providing tutorials, we don't always follow them. GameSpot staff look back, and forwards, on how we've broken the rules in our favorite video games, and simply just played them how we wanted to.

Sometimes playing a video game is more than just our experiences following their stories and completing everything we're tasked to do. Whether the game wants us to or not, we always find opportunities to go off the rails and spend countless hours engaging in all manner of ridiculous behavior just for the fun of it. The GameSpot staff has done some pretty dumb stuff in games in our time, and we're willing to bet you have too.

In the video above, we recount some of our fondest memories, both old and new, spent either trying to break a game's rules or just engaging in a funny activity we made up when we were bored. Our experiences run the spectrum of games, which includesThe Sims, GTA: Vice City, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Street Fighter II.

What dumb things do you do in games? Share with us in the comments below! And if you're a fan of hearing our experiences, be sure to let us know that too, as we'd love to make more videos around this subject. After all, the four stories above are only a handful of the many the folks at GameSpot still have to tell!