The Best Movies Of 2017 You Already Missed

Between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Fate of the Furious and an excellent new Spider-Man film, it's easy for some movies to fall through the cracks. So with that in mind, here's Lucy, Dave and Tam with some of the best films from 2017 that you likely missed.

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Honestly, most movies suck nowadays. I feel Hollywood is in the gutter right now being only about the money and not focusing on just making great quality films. I think most people forgot what a great movie even is. No wonder classics don't exist these days.

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Get out was a crap movie, (right where the guys trapped inside under magic dust restraints is where the movie fell apart)to insurmountable of a disaster to save.( airport security officer who saves him from the crazed looney makes me want to bury every copy ever made while recovering​ the Atari et games while burning this with fuel)

Oh if only Lucy was a dude sighs with manly shoulders.

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@lorddaggeroff: Huh? Get Out was pretty great. It was original and compelling! You speak as if it's absolute crap with NOT ONE THING good about it. Bullshit. If you were even half right, it wouldn't of even made the list in the slightest. Honestly most movies suck nowadays though anyway.

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It's kinda exaggerating to say that movies of 2017. have anything best to offer. Mediocre at best.

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Way too many film critics already. Please stick to just games unless there really isn't enough games and related info to keep you busy. Then I can understand the divergence. But, I still like your sight exclusively for game info.