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The Best Horror TV Shows Ever, Why You Should Watch Cosmic Horror | You Should Be Watching Ep 3

In Episode 3, Chastity and Ryan are joined by Mike Rougeau and Meg Downey to decide which are the greatest horror TV shows and what to check out if you're interested in cosmic horror.

13:52 The Outsider

15:33 Honey Boy

20:10 Birds of Prey

22:43 Sex Education Season 2

25:26 Haikyuu Season 4

29:25 Why you should watch cosmic horror

45:19 What is the best horror TV show?

You Should Be Watching... is a new weekly podcast where we recommend and discuss TV shows and movies, old and new. This week, Chastity recommends Birds of Prey (coming to VOD March 24), Ryan recommends The Outsider (HBO) and Honey Boy, Mike recommends Sex Education Season 2 (Netflix), and Meg recommends Haikyuu Season 4 (Crunchyroll).

Mike and Meg talk about why they love cosmic horror, and we discuss what to check out if you're interested in the genre, like the films Color Out of Space and Annihilation. Then everyone decides what each of them thinks is the best horror TV show ever, from Hannibal to Black Mirror and everything in between.

Tell us what kind of TV and movie recommendations you're looking for - whether you’re trying to find a good 90s horror movie or a new comedy or anything else.

Submit your questions and recommendations requests to: