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The Best Guns in Call of Duty: CoD 4 to Modern Warfare 2019

Everyone has a favourite Call of Duty weapon, one that they think is the best. From the ACR in Modern Warfare 2 to the huge choice in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, Dave goes through what (he thinks at least) are the best weapons in Call of Duty History.

The Call of Duty series has featured some iconic weapons through it’s lifetime, and players both old and new have their favourites and ones they consider the best.

And while in 2020 new weapons are constantly being added through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s seasons, and patches, nerfs and buffs keep changing the stats of many of our favourite guns there will always be stand out greats in the arsenal of our favourite games.

From Modern Warfare 2’s ACR, to World at War’s MP40 and even the best of the bunch in the armour of Modern Warfare 2019, these are the best weapons (in Dave’s opinion) in the history of Call of Duty.