The Best Games on PlayStation Now!

PlayStation Now has launched for the PS4 so Danny, Chris and Peter give you some of their favorite games to stream.

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To funny while watching the short vid. of 'Runner 2' the background reminded me and looked a lot like 'BioShock Infinite'

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North America only bah. As an a longtime expat this is the story of my life.

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This is great, as someone who missed out on a lot of PS3 greats I'm really enjoying this, absolutely no input lag that I can tell, I only get a 47mbps in speed test and zero problems, currently 3/4 of the way through Uncharted 1, lots of others I want to try as well.

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PS Now needs to drop its price to $10 or just include itself to PS Plus for free!.

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however, I feel PS Now is kinda pointless because they gave away cool games for free on the PS3 like Uncharted 3 etc. PS Now makes no sense.

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They should have had Dark Souls 2 on PlayStation Now, and allow you to transfer your saved file when the actual remastered version comes out.

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Well, it's appealing to me even though I already have a PS3, mainly because I didn't buy as many games. Usually, I'd end up buying an RPG that took me weeks to complete, and then perhaps another game in between or just playing older stuff. Never had more than 1 or 2 games per month and that was a high number. With PS+ I don't even buy games anymore. They offer the 1 to 2 games I usually play per month and that's it. So with Now, I might feel tempted to rent out all the other games I missed playing.

It should be noted that I don't have gamefly or physical netflix available where I live, so rentals were mostly limited to certain AAA games at high costs (yes. Higher than PS Now individual rentals). I know I'm in the minority here, but there ARE people interested in this service even if they were/are PS3 owners. Wish the internet connection speed would allow for streaming, but that's a whole different boundary.

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No way in hell. They can't and won't sell it on me when I KNOW they can do it just like last gen but refuse to.

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Nope. Waste of time. Used games are cheaper if you own a PS3. PS Now service IMO is hurting the PS3 released games for PS Plus. Sony is really pushing this money grab of a service.

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@blprater: Agree. For PS4, this is my first time I did not get rid of my old console, PS3. Still much I have to play on it, all PS+ games that come out each week can be interesting to me and I always repeat this in comments, SO MUCH PS3 CAN DO THAT PS4 CANT DO (simply wallpaper on backscreen, pictures, heard when PS4 came out, could not even play a music CD. Maybe they changed that with a upgrade, etc). I buy my games because I dont want to rush in a game to complete it when renting or PS Now. Millions $ for creating PS Now, understand why SOny is in economic shit, they wasted a LOT OF THERE CASH!!!

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@blprater: You can get all the games on PS Now used for less than $20 a month AND buy a PS3?

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@StHapns247@blprater: Over the long haul, you will end up spending more money. My point was, if a person already owns a PS3, this service is pointless since you can buy most PS3 games cheaper. Even if you didn't own a PS3, if you spend 20 a month for a period of 1 year, you could afford a new 500gb PS3 bundle. Not to mention, I would imagine that price dropping over the next year.

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No thank you. It would be cheaper to repurchase a PS3 through CL and "BUY" the game through PSN. The only catch is that the game is yours forever and not for a trial period.

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folks who are on the fence about this.. or enthusiasts like me who want to see how this works for your internet... there is a 1 week trial period available.

I am planning to test GOW - Ascension and some other AAA Games

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so thats why there is no backwards compatibility.

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at work and the internet is not helping to load videos -- not even sure if it's told there -- do these streamed games have trophies as well??

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So is it 20 dollars to play as much as you want for a month? If that's the case, it is not very expensive at all.

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@toffifee: Its streaming. So you have to pay for your internet. I mean , most counties have limited bandwith. Streaming games is a bad idea for us you have no ISP that offer unlimitted bandwith. its not cheap considering this and considering that you never own anything

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@El_Zaggy@toffifee: You have to pay for internet either way lol.

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Cheaper to keep you old consoles in the long run. No renting, no bullsh!t and cheap game either new or even cheaper used.

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I would try out a month if it had Beyond: Two Souls in the library. Otherwise, I've played most of the games... although Darksiders 1 & 2 is a game I haven't played yet and looks good.

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@Rikomi: Cheaper to actually buy that game on disc lol

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@WolfgarTheQuiet@Rikomi: But I don't have a PS3 any more, which is the whole purpose of getting PS Now.

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@Rikomi@WolfgarTheQuiet: I understand that. All i'm saying is, owning a PS3 is cheaper and more secure since you do not depend on the service and potential issues.

Also your connection must be top noch.

I also understand that they will adjust pricing system some more, but still if you do the the math it'll cost more.

Hey dont get me wrong, if you think it will work for you go for it :)

I kept my PS3 just like previous ones

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NOT a good price point...

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Can you get trophies from the rental games?

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is uncharted and mgs 4 available on ps now?

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I'm still boggled by what kind of streaming infrastructure Sony has setup...If thousands of gamers are playing all at once, how many servers are they cooling down?!

This service is too new for me to jump on (and my net is a slouch), yet it seems like the start of something that will fill in well in the years to come.

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Can't believe no one remembers Sega Channel. It happens a lot when I try to reminisce about it with friends. Must have been a region specific, "if available" type of service. I thought it was more common and impactful than it seems to be. Crazy

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It was an odd service. It was never available from my cable service in Toronto - but my friend had access to it in Vaughn ON, in 1997 - long after the Genesis was dead and the Saturn was ending it's cycle.

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Ha that's weird. I remember it being a really big deal among me and some of my friends in our small town in MS. Cable vans would drive around town with the Sega logo and Sonic the Hedgehog plastered on each side. I also had a friend with the service. I remember it being amazing. Small load times upfront for each gamer but then pure, uninterrupted gameplay from then on. I didn't even own a genesis at the time. I was Super Nintendo all the way back then.

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@Cygnus421: I remember it. I didn't have it as it was only available in Chicago, as far as I know, to those who had the satellite dish. I wanted to try it so bad and I wasn't even a Sega fan, but I did like Sonic and that's the main game I remember from the adverts. Bonk was another, IRC.

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There are a few interesting games, the first Uncharted, Shadow of Colossus, InFamous 2, but they are lacking the rest of the Uncharted games, only has 1 God of War game, lots of incomplete series like Mass Effect and Dead Space. It would be nice to be able to play through an entire series, like you can with say Gamefly.

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Episodic games would be perfect for this service.