The Best Game on Oculus Right Now - The Lobby

Peter Brown shares his favorite Oculus Rift launch titles with the Crew, talks about what makes VR so special.

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I don't understand what you can do with the VR in Chronos. The demos don't show any pans; just a set third-person camera. It looks like playing a standard game where the camera occasionally goes into first-person to solve puzzles.

They described a great game, but I missed why this is a great VR game.

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"The Best Game on Oculus Right Now"

*The best game on Rift right now.

Oculus is the name of the company. Rift is the name of the product. Referring to the Rift as the Oculus is like referring to the PlayStation as the Sony, or the Xbox as the Microsoft.

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@i_am_kesmonkey: With only one product, I don't think people will get confused. The only other popular "oculus" I know of is the horror movie.

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this will be a short video based on the game reviews so far...

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Resident Evil for the camera system?

Give me Alone in The Dark or Ecstatica!