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The Beatles songs have never lost their popularity of catchy tunes.

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Well beatles songs actually are fairly easy to play on guitar... and fun!

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@chrisbox10 ... It's a GAME

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Looks good. I might get, because I am a fan of the beatles. And what the heck was that at the end of the video?

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Just play real guitar, and buy a Beatles song book

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I watched the video many times, but I still don't get it. But still, having a vocal trainer means that I can practice my vocal cords for some real-life singing, awesome!

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you can't export the songs !!! for the last time!!!

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im buying hte game mostly for the instruments (my 1st guitar and my drums are dying), but man i hope the songs will be able to be exported to RB2, seems impossible to be the other way, although the beatles playing battery will be hilarious

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Yes....I am all in too :) FInally a change from that heavy metal shredder stuff . If they now make a Pink Floyd one, my Dreams would come true.

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The last part of the video is trippy.

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I have to say that, like WarPrime before me stated, the imagery alone looks amazing!

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that's cool

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The backing vocal idea is killer! Since i play real guitar AND backing vocal sometimes, i'll definitly buy this game, sounds fun. It'll be my first Rhythym game :D, i don't like Guitar Hero/Rock Band stuff that much, but this one sounds fun :)

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Now I'm even more excited for the game. Can't wait. It was always a definite buy for me, and luckily, as I've come to learn more about the game, I've only become more convinced that it's going to be great, and that I should get it.

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This looks kewl hopefully ut will be worth the $60 to buy it

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This looks really good.

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this looks harder then rock band 2

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A great game for parties :)

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Those cut scenes look really cool, especially the last one with the elephant.

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I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

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looks good.

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This looks awesome. can't wait to get those vocal harmonies going and just have a great time. This will be great because its geared towards taking it easy and having fun rather than pushing youself as much as possible. Really looking forward to this!

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I have to say...I have been disappointed with the Rockband/Guitar Hero games mostly for their steep learning curve. I cant seem to make the leap from Medium to Hard without my fingers cramping into pretzels. But I am really looking forward to this game if for no other reason but to seem the amazing imagery they have created to go alone with the music....it looks truly magical.

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From what I've already read, this is for all intents and purposes a stand alone game. You will not be able to import your RB1 or RB2 songs into this game, and you cannot export the Beatles songs to other RB games. The only songs you'll be able to buy for this game are Beatles Rock Band releases. My guess is that this limitation has less to do with technical aspects and more about the licensing and whatever deal Harmonix has with Apple records.

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I am looking forward to (at last) having songs that my friends will know. However I do not understand the point of all of the fancy animations etc - since mostly when playing I look at the score, not the background stuff. I am also wondering whether we will be able to import RB1 and RB2 songs into the Beatles game (and thus gain ability to sing chorus on them, hmmm? :-) or if it would export to Rock Band at all. From what I understood their marketing is preaching so far, it sounds like a no. That would definitely leave me wondering whether I am interested in a package of 45 songs, at the full retail price of a game, while knowing I will have to choose between my existing songs catalogue and "just" the beatles, each time I start the system. But let us hope I am wrong on this one. ;)

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It seems to me that there won't be much of a challenge in this game for some parts. Most of their guitar parts are just the same chords over and over so it seems much more casual than previous games.

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Agreed.. i hate that mission g commercial.. But i'm looking forward to this game :D

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So sick of the Mission G commercial.

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i'll probably buy this, but maybe a few months later since it comes out a week after gh5

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Is is bad that I laughed at *buzzer sound* 'not so much Ringo'? :)

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Hey Jay don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better ;)

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*Big grin* :D I can't not get this game.

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first person to wacth ha!!!