The 6 Toughest Gaming Goodbyes In 2 Minutes

While saying goodbye to Seb and Cam, Lucy recalls some of the most heart-wrenching gaming goodbyes. Caution, spoilers!

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In 2 Minutes
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Wait when did Seb and Cam leave ? Video please.

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@mogamogu: About a month ago.

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I wonder how many of the programmers at SE even played FFVII. It sure sure seems like they haven't, as the the Final Fantasies since IX have felt completely off and different since then. The old Final Fantasies' worlds felt old, rugged, lived in, and therefore alive, while the FF's since feel plastic, clean, and robotic. I liken it to the Prequels of Star Wars since the original trilogy. Accept in their case, they were made by George Lucas with nothing but Yes-Men around him...

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0:11 How I felt after watching last episode of Top 5 Skyrim Mods, just the tears are missing,

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Cam and Seb? NOOO! If Danny leaves than I'm done with this site for good.

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@xXl_z3r0_lXx: How you doin bud? Hanging in there?

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Although I like the topic of the article, the article itself was delivered in inappropriate way. It totally misses to convey the feeling sadness about the characters that were lost in the stories...

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This is a sad time :(. Seb and Cam and Lucy bounce off each other so well! I hope you can find other fun people to do skits with, Lucy, and Seb and Cam, I hope you find another place where you can be awkward. It is the only proper way of things.

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I shot mordin in the back and dont regret it

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“I hope no one who reads this book has been quite as miserable as Susan and Lucy were that night; but if you have been - if you've been up all night and cried till you have no more tears left in you - you will know that there comes in the end a sort of quietness. You feel as if nothing is ever going to happen again.” - C.S. Lewis

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Haven't seen the video or read comments, but I'm judging from the picture of the video that I already know what is going to happen at the end of Last of Us.

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@Sanligo: It's actually from the first five minutes of the game, so no end-game spoilers

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So sad seeing the UK dream team slowly dissipate

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Losing Tassadar was a tough one too in SC

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I thought the FBI had already picked up Cam for his, ummm indiscretion. Free on bail?

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I can't even see the video though other locations their videos are fine. POS site...

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Say his to the modern world, where nice guys can't even playfully touch knees of nice girls because of the all ******** and SJW bullshit.

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Maybe I'm heartless but I didn't find Read Dead's ending sad at all. R* doesn't make games with tight stories so maybe that's why. Their games usually start off strong then quickly slide off into huh?? Red Dead's Mexico levels are an example.

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Spoiler!!!!! Come on man, their's still some of us that haven't played TLoU. Don't put pics in the screen shot ya knobs.

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@Savior4Life: The spoiler's from the first five minutes of the game pal

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I just hope Cam and Seb are going to the same place. They can't get separated! They're like Joey and Chandler.

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First, Johnny Chiodini, now Cam and Seb? Are they heading to Eurogamer too?

Lucy, you're my only hope.

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THE ****!?!?! SEB´S LEAVING TOO!?!??! I dont know what i should do with my life now......

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@Chattel: Yeah IGN and Gamespot are pretty much the same thing now but IGN videos actually work most of the time. I guess I'll just go full on IGN. Ah well.

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Sounds like Lucy has a little bit of a girlcrush on bad ole Sephiroth. :o

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@aedanblack: (Seb wrote that bit)

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Maybe I'm the only one, but I didn't care too much about Dom in GoW, but I do care about Cam and Seb!

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Noooooo! Why they died?... :(

R.I.P. Seb and Cam

You'll be forever missed.

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Why can't Gamespot hold on to talent? I like Lucy and Kevin and Danny, so it's a shame they're just queuing up to become the next drummers in Gamestop's version of Spinal Tap. And, now Seb and Cam are leaving? There were longer tenured Defense Against the Dark Arts professors at Hogwarts, for God's sake. This is getting ridiculous. Ummmm, Gamespot, your website relies on page views, so you may want to give your readership a reason to, you know, come back and view your pages. I still haven't forgiven you for letting Johnny walk. He was to Gamespot what John Hamm is to Mad Men - indispensable. The site hasn't been the same sans Feedbackula.

Oh well, goodbye Seb and Cam. In the words of the Night's Watch: "And now their watch has ended." And an early farewell to Lucy and Danny and KVO and Eddie 'Clickbait' Makuch. Have your CVs ready.

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@Saxondale: I am pretty much done with gamespot after hearing this. Checking out a c0uple of things then like IGN full on

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@Saxondale: Because GS sucks ass and has been falling apart since the rise of Social Justice Warriors and journalists with an agenda.

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@Morphine_OD@Saxondale: I like Gamespot. Are they the stereotypical left-wing social-engineers bent on brainwashing the sheep, destroying Western Civilization and erecting a totalitarian super-state atop the rubble? Yes, of course they are. They're owned by CBS, after all. But I like the content here. I like that I can select a gray background. I like the UX/UI. And I generally like their writers and presenters: Lucy, KVO, Danny, Chris Watters, etc. Gary Kasparov was still a great chess player, even when he was a citizen of the USSR. I just enjoy Gamespot's talent and laugh-off their clumsy attempts at political indoctrination.

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@Saxondale@Morphine_OD: not sure whether to laugh at sarcasm....

or be terrified if your actually serious......

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At least I still have the memoreeheeheeheeheeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Man, this actually really sucks. I mean, I really like Lucy, but noone can replace Cam and Seb. All the best to you and thanks for all the great entertainment.

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Ionno, Phantasy Star 4 is up there with FF7 for me.

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Damn it, I can't watch this cuz of the many things I didn't finish.

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been a fan of gamespot uk for a long time, seen good staff members leave, remember lucy james as an intern on the gsuk podcast.

so we lost

mark walton

guy cocker

seb ford

cam robinson

jane douglas

johnny chiodinni

martin gaston

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@galacticobob: I really liked the GSUK podcast with Guy, Mark & Jane! Perfect thing to listen to on my commute to work. Fun times.

And Feedbackula, fantastic show. Reality check...(sobs) you're taking away all my gamer drugs!

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@galacticobob: Wow, wall of fame right there. I remember and mourn the loss of each of these good guys and gals. Gamespot is all the poorer for their loss. Very sad right now.

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@CyberByte727@galacticobob: Guy Cocker's Video Game podcast is awesome btw :)

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@tom_cat_01@CyberByte727@galacticobob: Thanks for that TomCat - I've missed out on this to date. I have been keeping up with Jane Douglas on Outside Xbox though.

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NO CAM and Seb, how am I going to get my reality check from now but hey we get more LUCY that'd be the only good thing about this won't we?

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fckkk man....Seb and Cam were the best . Jhonny, seb, cam who is next? kevin or Danny? its gonna be hard to fill in their spots.... best of luck guys.... hope to hear and see you in future

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@dxshah786: The list grows short unfortunately...

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Haven't checked out the site in the while, and the day i come back i see that both Seb and Cam are leaving GS, quite a shame in a way, now the only two people left to watch are Danny and Jess...

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@evil_np: uh... you meant lucy? Danny, Lucy, Chris and ofc Kevin are the main reason I come to GS now.

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@CDsmasher@evil_np: Yeah, there are all doing great work. Although you guys are aware that one office is in AU (irrc) and one in US San Francisco right? That's why Danny, Kevin or Chris don't meet up with Lucy and Cam for instance.

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@GunEye@CDsmasher@evil_np: OP mentioned just "GS" and not GS-AU etc.