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He is AWESOME. Iron Fist is just epic, he has to be on my team,he looks a little bit easy to use.

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ohhhhhhhh yea awesome comeback

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Oh and I cannot wait to play as Iron Fist! :D

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Damn, that was a good come back! And a hell of a good finish as well!

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Wow they both seem very tournament worthy characters! At least they have all the classic things needed. Ironfist both a Wall bounce and otg move. Vergil has nice teleports and at least one move where he can hit you from across the screen. Nice!

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both vergil and the iron fist look amazing but i was expecting the iron fist to have a lot of combos to balance the fact that he doesn't have projectiles and has to do hand to hand combat, but in the end he whooped all three opponents very stylishly as did vergil lol

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Woah. Nice.

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Even though he's awesome, it's still hilarious how often he says "Howo"

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If I have to watch this Gears of War commercial one more time.....