TGS 2011: Resident Evil 15th Anniversary With Paul W.S. Anderson

Everybody's favourite Resident Evil film director/producer/writer, Paul W.S. Anderson, wishes Capcom and the Resident Evil series a happy 15th anniversary at Tokyo Game Show 2011.

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the new films i found a little better than the new games;)

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Paul w.s Anderson... everybody's favourite director/producer/writer? Gamespot... piss off! he's one of the worst, messing with our resident evil

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This man is almost as bad as Uwe Boll.... ok, that was actually mean. Not even Anderson is that bad.

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capcom fired this guy. He bases the story around his wife and every other real RE storyline as a side treat. Get the Silent Hill Director, now that was so weird stuff.

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Horrible horrible director

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This was the "secret guest"? After 20 minutes or so of searching though Google, I say it wasn't worth the time to uncover the identity of said guest. It should have remained a secret.

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Dear Paul W.S. Anderson - You suck - Your Resident Evil movies really suck - You aren't doing your wife Milla any favors by casting her in all your crappy movies. - Eat excrement and die.

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As a big RE game fan here were my impressions of the movies: 1.) Nice new char, she was a baddie fine twist, Licker evolves when kills fine5/5. 2.) Good jill valentine actor, Nemesis!!!, end of movie he becomes a good guy stupid his name and legendary visage become pointless...3/5 3.) Zombies rule the world... yeah right,, Birkin only transformes in the end and he's aware of himself...1/5 4.) Clones,Ninjas..., Alice loses powers(yes), Wesker(yes), copying game scenes(no) 1.5/5

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This retard along wiht Mila Jovovitch are killing RE's good name with these dumb crappy movies.

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"everybody's favorite Resident Evil film director/producer/writer" .... HAHAHAHA good one!

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I loved resident evil growing up. The dark realistic and mortal feelings of the first few games were great. It started to get a little ridiculous when the main character did unnecessary backflips just to jump out windows and stuff like in 4 and 5 but whatever, its tolerable I guess. The movies were the first things to actually start to kill it for me when I found out that apparently every single character is a blackbelt in everything, the nemesis is also a blackbelt with a conscience, and Anderson's wife doesn't need a gun because she can kill everything with her mind. Good job Paul, you really did your homework...tool

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Are you actually that out of touch? EVERYONE, EVERY ONE, HATES the Resident Evil films made by this piece of $%^& excuse for a person. They are nothing but outlets for his stupid wife mila jovavich to pretend shes an actress and NO HE ISN'T THE BIGGEST FAN EVER OF THE RE GAMES. He's a disgrace. How can these people even let this douchebag in the building?

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dont bother woth the movies..if u want to see something that actually make sense in the RE universe watch resident evil degeneration

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worst director along uwe,these guyz simply destroyed entires games glad kojima and casey are in the chairs of co directors - producer

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Resident Evil 0 was good. Resident Evil GC remake was good. Resident Evil 2 is the best game in the series. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was ok (the choice system kinda ruined it for me but Nemesis chasing you the entire time was great). Resident Evil Code: Veronica X was very good (I say X because the original isnt canon due to Wesker dying when Alexis killed him). Resident Evil 4 was a good game but not a Resident Evil game. RE5 was garbage. & for all the movies, only the 1st movie was good. The rest were crap. I dont like he mixed the Tvirus & las plagas as if they were 1 virus. No explaination in the movie as to how that happend. Just threw it in there to say yea i put it in there.

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His movies were ok.. nothing great.. the CG film on resident evil is a lot better, he is pimping his films on the clip

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WilHiteWarrior id give you 100 thumbs up if i can lol

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Hey Paul, you wanna make a good RE movie? Step 1: Kill off Milla Jovovich Step 2: Don't make any more RE movies. Step 3: Give the series to a director who really DOES care about the games.

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"Hi, I'm Paul W.S. Anderson and I want to say I'm sorry for the terrible movie adaptations of RE starring my wife"

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hey Paul W.S f you know one likes your junky films or your ugly wife stop makeing re look bad ty

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I enjoyed RE4, one of my favorite games in fact; it was more of an intense thriller, like a horror action game. Maybe not as scary as the first three, sure, but it was still an excellent game. RE5 was just a downright disappointment IMO, and played off of all the aspects of RE4 but in a brighter, less atmospheric setting. The films, however, are just plain bad. All of them. Don't even care if the chick is hot. The films are still bad.

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The most ridiculous thing in RE: Afterlife is how coins spray out of dying monsters. Some of the better aspects were the soundtrack in the 3rd movie and the Executioner depicted in Afterlife. Would've liked him to be more true to the game's story, which is much more compelling. Of course, Milla Jovovich is kick-ass (P.S. She's also Anderson's wife)

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It was R.E. Director's Cut, and R.E.2 (my fave) that really hooked me. RE3: Nemesis was so so, with its one boss chasing you around the entire game. Code Veronica was okay, and my least favorite out of the first 4 games. R.E.4 and R.E.5 were good gameplay, but story-wise I thought they were naught but loose spinoffs. The movies were crap, for they had nothing to do with the games (one character made an appearance methinks, that didn't even line up personality-wise with the games). RE1 and RE2 gets "great" awards. The rest? So so. The movies? Stop making them.

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Hmm? What? Resident Evil 4 was made of pure unadulterated awesome. Just in case you didn't know.

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@gkhalifa The last great "survival horror" re game was Resident Evil Remake. It was better than Code Veronica in every conceivable way.

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@dxdevilex0 I was on about the controls for when you play the "old" resident evil games... playing Zero and re remake require you to use the wii remote sideways or the horrible classic controller lol. If you are using the Gamecube versions then they're fine.

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I did not like Resident Evil 5 cause it was action not a horror game. the last great Resident Evil was Cod Veronica

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@RE4GreatesGame The controls are good IMO,I have umbrella chronicles and the controls feel like playing them in an arcade.

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"if I say Im a fan of those... uh... Resident Evil games I think theyre called... They'll believe me! Theyll never know that I know squat about the games!" Seriously.. those movies are atrocious and a disgrace to the RE name. Sorry, Paul but when the first words out of Claire's mouth on your movie are "Got any cigarettes? No? What about the other stuff?" And have the T-virus creating Los Plagas monsters, It's abundantly clear you know nothing about the characters or the games.

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Hey Anderson, wanna give Resident Evil a Birthday present? Stop making Resident Evil movies then.

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I like the new games as far as gameplay but the orginals were creepier. I would like if the took the creep factor of the originals and fused it with the gameplay of the new ones.

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"everybody's favorite"... oh Gamespot, you tickle me.

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dxdevilex0 lol yeah but the Wii has an awful controller. RE 4 is best on Wii. I'll be getting all the RE games next week on psn, but Code Veronica X will be in the last week of September. Can't Wait.

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@RE4GreatesGame I'm lucky I bought a wii since it has all the resident evil games until RE 4.

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"the movies sometimes tell a different story than the games" yeah, try all the time.

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He so failed to infuse his films with RE feel...

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Wait, everyone loves him?

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"...the biggest Resident Evil game fan in the world." After seeing the movies, I highly, highly doubt that.

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@Ninjagrym *why didn't he stick with "over the head" view?

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@Ninjagrym Why isn't it true? If you look throughout the history of the action genre you will see that third person shooters like Syphon Filter (1999) and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001) had "over the head" view (not pointing down to the ground but slightly slanted) but Re 4 changed all that. What RE 4's "over-the-shoulder" view enabled was the closeness of battle and the feeling of seeing an enemy from near a gun sight but to also give greater "accuracy" in gunfights. Why did Hideo Kojima suddenly go for the "over the shoulder" view in Metal Gear Solid 4? Why did he stick with the "over the head" view? The answer lies with RE 4.

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@RE4GreatesGame I agree with you on RE4 being one of the best games ever. I remember it was unrivaled when it arrived. But you wrote " it created a revolutionary type of gameplay (over-the-shoulder view has been used ever since)" about RE4. Thats just not true.

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Event Horizon was his scariest movie, the RE movies weren't so true to the base material and I was kinda disappointed that they went for the Zombie Apocalypse scenario I mean in any RE game the infection was contained also some of the characters felt so pointless and no Leon >:[

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@dxdevilex0 lol I didn't say I was scared in the cabin part... but overwhelmed... you do feel a sense of urgency in re 4. But tbh the old re games had some nasty flaws... the camera was horrible and fixed... the controls were cumbersome. Those flaws were corrected with RE 4 and it is no wonder that games like Gears of War and Uncharted have used its "over-the-shoulder" view camera for their gameplay. :)

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@RE4GreatesGame Weird,I didn't feel the least bit scared at the cabin,or maybe its just me.

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if Paul W.S. Anderson is really a fan of RE he wouldn't keep butchering them for the worthless movies

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@dxdevilex0 *or police station

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@dxdevilex0 I agree and disagree with you lol. Yes the older games were scarier than 4 and 5, yet the 4th and 5th games did have a connection, in terms of story anyway. RE 4 isn't just the best Resident Evil game, it's considered the pinnacle of the action genre because it created a revolutionary type of gameplay (over-the-shoulder view has been used ever since) and the fear it had was a "different type of fear". It wasn't the fear of being trapped in a mansion of Police Station, like in re 1, 2 and 3, but it was more about the fear of being "overwhelmed" by "stronger foes. The cabin part when Leon and Luis have to barricade themselves is a typical example. Still, RE 6 has been "unofficially" announced yesterday so it looks like we will be going back to the old days of pure terror!

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@RE4GreatesGame I agree with you,past Resident Evil games like 0,1,2,3 had good story and the scary factor,but 4 and 5's story don't really have any connection with each other and are not even scary.

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