TGS 2010 Video Feature: Sony 3D Panel - Games Highlights

Mick Hocking, senior director at Studio Group for Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide shows us what Sony is planning for in 3D, how it actually works, and what developers could do to make high-quality 3D games at the Sony 3D panel discussion at TGS 2010.

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good job sony

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wow GT5 is almost here, its going to be sick

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Just last week, I bought a new 58" samsung plasma 3dtv. I did try out the 3d games of MLB and Motorstorm. WHAT A NEW & GREAT experience it is. Yes, it wasn't cheap because I had to get a new reciever for the surround sound, but I'm glad I took this leap of faith. Now, I can't for a shooter game and see a great headshot from someone poking around a wall. LOL...or that upclose knife kill. So, my advice, don't knock the 3D until you try it with your own eyes, not someone else's opinion.

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Gief Uncharted 2 in 3d nao. :D

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finally i know it this tech great...

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it is official people, we need to get a new tech TV with every new generation console. or in this case 2 new TV techs for the same console generation. I mean I bought my HD TV back in 2007, now it seems that in order to get the full experience of gaming I need to buy a 3D TV.... I am not against technology, i love this 3D thing. but it was much easier when i bought my ps2 back in 2001 and jacked it in the same CRT TV that i used for PSOne. anyhow 3D is absolutely amazing but I will wait to see how everything will turn out before buying a 3D TV.

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Nicely done! That just made 3D tech a bit more understandable for everyone!

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Very impressive!!! Thanx for the tech education Mr. Hocking!! :)

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Never had the urge to play Gran Turismo games, but i would love to see it in 3D.

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I can't wait for Kill Zone 3 but I hate having to wear the glasses when I play. Oh well it'll be worth it.

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@ Bioshockraptor You're right, CURRENTLY there are not many on the market, the same as 10 years ago there were not many plasma/HDTV's on the market? non?

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I used to not care much for 3D, but this actually changed my view on it... I want a 3D TV Now :cry:

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@blakeney: There aren't any on the market O_O

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Starcraft2 to 3D! =D

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uuuuuuuuugh I CANT SEE IN 3D THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!

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@DeMoN_SouL_666 There is already 3D tv's that dont need glasses, give it another 5-10years and they will be standard prices, like Plasmas etc are now.

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GUYS!!! 50Inch Samsung 3D Plasma only 989USD on Amazon!!! Its 720P, but its more then enough for 3D games and current day movies. Whats important is the Uber cheapo price!!!!

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now i learn i will make my own tv games...

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@metalkid9 We'll be more responsive and have better reactions in 3D because of the depth, we can predict distance much better but we won't be pros right off the mark. We gotta adapt to it. For examples racing games, FPSs/Shooters, platformers and anything else that you need depth to predict a shot, a jump or distance but maybe a game like Mortal Kombat, 3D is just for entertainment and how bloody entertaining that would be =).

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@JuanJo_H Yeah, the only downfall for 3D entertainment is the cost but they're predicting 3D systems would be the norm way, way down the line, like HDTVs would be now (but for those who can barely afford it, though. Like me =.=). Even though their have been a lot of ooh-ahhs against 3D, I'm actually siding and excited for 3D gaming. It's a shame that 1080P is halved for two images, becoming 540P for each eye. Then just corporate 3D with Move! Omg... that's almost Virtual Reality by definition.

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i dont care much for motion controllers this is wht i want. wish i had a 3d tv.

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i like it. it looks like it'll be good for sony too

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Great thing for PS3, but it is going to be expensive to have 3D TV+3D glasses to enjoy

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Is gamespot gonna show the whole Sony keynote?

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HELL YAHH PS3 RULES. u heard what he said at the end

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the tv's without the glasses exist but its first generation so we gonn have to wait on that one

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So based on what he's saying you're more responsive and a better player when you're playing in 3D. We'll wait and see about that.

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hey wait! they managed to bring these images to my computer screen in 3D and it was visible.. doesn't that mean they could somehow manage to make 3D content without the glasses? nonetheless, if they couldn't I'll be getting a 3D tv, because it's absolutely amazing.

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WOOOW i think i should buy a 3D tv

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Thanks for the in depth explanation on how 3d works. I really look foward to playing wipeout hd & mortorstorm apocalypse in 3d