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graphics are very nice,i`ll buy it!!!

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hmmm might rent it

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the gameplay feels like heaven sword but the textures on Afro samurai, look pretty bad, looks like a bad photoshop... I hope it just the demo

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The anime was good. But the artist that did the drawings had is way to put a circular movement when the characters where striking someone with their swords and this made every hit super powerful. Without this effect, I think a little something's gonna be missing in the game. In the end the game looks very good and promising but way tooooooooo repetitive.

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The game looks interesting. I would give it a chance first, because I did not think Ninja Gaiden Sigma would be all that great but the story line was good and combat system was great. So I'm sure this game has the potential to make a good rateing. Most slice and cutting him up type games come out pretty good look at God of War and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

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graphics are nice. the game play looked slow.

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Can you say Game of the Year in '09???? .....LOL.....neither can I.

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the anime rocked but don't think i'm gona buy the game

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Something wrong with you people

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i have death rock samuirai eiei

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yeah, id have to agree with mollingmeatball, it looks like it will be fun for 15 minutes and then we'll wanna die from repetition lol. but hey, if it has the afro samurai show included in the game, ill buy it cause the show was amazing!!!!!!

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Looks incredibly repetitive. Its just slice slice stab slice chop slice etc. It will be fun for about a couple of hours, but thats about it. Afterall, there's always God of War and Ninja Gaiden.

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Looks like a typical repeatitive button smasher that tries to capitalize on the popularity of a *** anime. Action looks blandly unexciting....it neither have the grandiose scale of Dynasty Warriors nor the AI and intensity of Ninja Gaiden. Anyhow Afro Samurai was just an above average samurai vegeance story loaded with cliches and unpromising story and character development, it doesn't really serve as good video-game material.

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this is game is dick, looks horrible :( and im a big fan of the anime, this is way too sad.

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the move on 1.04 is awsome

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Gotta love chopping people in half. imagine if the insides looked like gears of war. =)

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this looks lackluster. having watched the show, it bugs me that it takes him so long to defeat the enemies that would have taken him one sword slash in the series.

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gonna buy it! O_O

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standard hack n slash I guess but the bad guys need to be more vicious, dat was wat made ninja gaiden real gud, I believe all action/hack n slash games shud have meaner bad guys

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who saw that move on 00.54

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i can safely say this will be nothing far from poo!

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Looks similar in nature to Heavenly Sword....not a bad thing at all!

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It looks kinda of boring and repetitive, but i loved the cartoon, so i'll prolly buy it anyway!

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gamespot is hyping it to take a huge dump on it

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looks like another button masher....and it also looks like gamespot is once again hyping up a game that will pretty much be average....

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Wow. It's Ninja Gaiden, but less shiny.

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im not really looking for great fighting as more than the other aspects like voice acting which is great from what i hear and music that will be great it was in da show and the art looks like it could have sum cinematic moments to say this is why i bout a ps3 or 360 i got both with a wii so i don't care what i get it 4 but im just going to rent it

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I'd say they use 360's becuz they are cheaper.... but I don't know, so whatever.... I'm not a fan of 360's anyway.

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Without the gore? Are yo ustupid, or did you just not watch the video at all?

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cheap ninja gaiden rip off with out the gore........fail

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I got high hopes for Afro!! Cheaaaawww!

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Strictly legit8 u r wrong 360 sucks ps3 is best

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Yeah the gore is really tamed. Maybe they have a gore option turned down for the TGS show

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anyone notice they're fighting with samurai swords and theres no limbs flying off.

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because 360 is the best

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This game looks pretty good. I love the series! Why do they always demonstrate games on the 360?

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sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i hope da 2nd season is also just as marvellous hope ave gotten ma xbox b4 den!!! lool ;)

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not as tingling as the anime was!

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thedevildweller, it looks great not photorealistic but that doesn't mean bad....

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meh.. no thanks

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Why do they always play games on the 360??? O_o I heard about this game and i was told it looked awesome. Tell you the truth it dosent. I dont know if it's due to the poor video picture or what, but i'll still give the game a good look over.

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Love it

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yuck. looks terrible.

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and one more thing, i hope they put that fight scene where afro fights afro droid in the air. That was one of the best moments in the anime, and im sure it would do well in the game too

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the blood effects are terrible...

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The art looks great for screenshots... The game its self looks good for garbage cans though.

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javiere knows exactly what he's talking about. i agree with him word for word.

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i completly agree with javiere. they really do need to work on the camera and implement some sort of lock on system and allow afro to cut bullets and other projectiles like he does in the anime and manga

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This isn't gonna beat Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden unless they make some changes. If he can't cut bullets and RPG's in half with a Samurai Sword it's not Afro Samurai. I didn't see any lock on. I hope they speed up the gameplay a lil' bit too so that the focus mode could really stand out. The enemies should be smarter but easier to kill like 2 weak slices or 1 perfect slice for the lackies and about 5 or 6 for the bigger goons. I want some kind of bullet counter system implemented somewhere too, maybe just timing a block could cut a bullet. That would be really cool. But what the hell I only saw one stage so what do I know lol.

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