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the song is Erik Thunberg & Simon Viklund - Break The Silence for sure!

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WOW this game looks amazing

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I agree, movie was great but game is kinda boring.

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Movie was awesome, game............not so much. Still good trailer though.

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What is the name of the song theme? Please, help me.

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I need to get that song!!!! Any ideas?? Its got undertones of "the day the whole world went away" (zenefans remix) but different lyrics, vocals and tempo. Such a good movie im hopin tha game is gonna do it justice. Odds aren't good though going by the general movie2game rule. Cheers.

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not that good

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Dude.... What is the Music for this Trailer its sick , And this game looks amazing :)

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still looks kinda generic, using in game scenes alot in the trailer and no good cgi cutscenes .Shows the exact same enemies as in the movie, no sign of a doing any thing more creative to draw you in, nothing to really excite you to play the game. Further thoughts on this: I saw the movie, i thought it would have made a fantastic video game cgi movie.I can't say much though i do hope the game makers don't rest on the movies success and actually make an effort to make the game interesting and not a Terminator movie souvernir for collectors

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Great trailer, but i noticed that the "in game" mouvments are all the same)))) I liked the music)

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waaaaaahhhh!! it looks good.. but i think the gameplay will not satisfy you :(

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Read on another comments section here: << LINK REMOVED >> That "It's made by Erik Thunberg & Simon Viklund at Grin's sound department. They are working on a longer version. Hopefully it can be released during next week." Hopefully if thats correct it'll be released

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take it from someone who knows nine inch nails better than most people know god....this is not "the day the whole world went away" anyone know who it really is?

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The song,in THIS (watch it please) trailer is not the remix of the NIN-The day the whole world went away,that song was used in the movie trailer. btw @andr31coco tnx for the site :)

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here is the link to REAL the MP3 file from the trailer download and enjoy: << LINK REMOVED >>

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@Xiperius Yup, I wasn't paying nearly enough attention when I typed that out. It's actually a remix of The Day The World Went Away by the NIN and didn't even realise my mistake till you pointed it out. Man, I need to lay of the grog...

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@eastwoodmaniac That its not the song in the trailer,the search continues... :(

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@andr31coco @maxy_47 @stooge_01 @Acousticguy50 @BioShockOwnz Alice in Chains - Rooster

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what is the name of the song? it's so good

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thi game looks like a gears of war knock off, no offense. sorry but It really does.

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I honestly didn't think much of the game but thought I'd check out the trailer and I thought it was well done, game looks solid, great song also. Not sure if I'll invest in this but peaked my interest a bit.

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please don't be lame. I know you're a movie game, but please please please don't be lame. amazing trailer at any rate.

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The song sounds alot like The Day The World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails. However it has different lyrics and no Terminator theme near the end.

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Yea ... what is the name of the song??? ... its awesome

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That was one amazing trailer. Anyone know the name of the song?

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The game is a prequel to the film if anything it makes the film better. If you don't believe me look it up. I know I'm right. Look at the game's website.

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I think they learned their lesson with Wanted. From numerous gameplay footages and impressions and such, I believe this will be a very good shooter. Oh, and SpamU? the game comes out tomorrow. Why not just wait for the review?

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still gonna need a demo to make me decide...

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