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Gears of War anyone!!!??? Thats not a bad thing though, looking good!

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ropumar Posted May 20, 2009 5:13 am GMT I called 5 or less 1 month ago just from trailers and footage. Spot on. I am awesome Posted on Terminator Salvation Action Attack Trailer, 21 april after reading many unrealistic optimistic comments: ropumar wrote: Posted Apr 21, 2009 1:13 am GMT "This will get average review scores. 7/10" Are you kidding me? Gamespot will give a 5 or less. Same for IGN. Will bomb! At least the movie will be good.

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It's looks good cannot wait to get it

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i gotta admit, i'm actually a little impressed by watching this. looks fun

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This looks great. I'm a big Terminator fan so this is gonna be even better.

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this or damnation what do you guys think i should pick up?

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@ Redcloud12345: Though I enjoyed the hell out of the Gears of War games I must agree with you about the story. I remember Curious George books that had a better plot! :) Anyway, this game looks cool. I looks like Wanted with grenades and big robots. And I love cover and shoot gameplay.

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This game will be no cake walk, terminators are hard to kill, if they had a T11 in this game it would be like the last boss! Those things are TOUGH! I wonder if there will be an questioning minigame, good thing it won't be the other Terminator games (PLEASE! I DON'T WANT A RERUN OF DAWN OF FATE!)

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sure it looks like gears. but who wants to bet it will be BETTER then gears. because gears is a lame game. the both of them. only because their stories suck something FIERCE.

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gears of war is just crap its too over rated

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Looks like a rip off of Gears of War

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I will buy it

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this game looks phenominal + the co-op with a buddy after all we cant be selfish and enjoy the action alone =)

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looks sick

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this is just like gears of wars!! the game will be cool!!

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This is going to have more variety than wanted. All wanted had was bullet curving and some weak slo-mo sequences. This is gonna be like Gears with terminator's in stead of locust. :D

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omg this is just like gears of war!!!!

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could see a lot of wanted in there if i wasnt such a terminator fan i'd be worried

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tly something to look into

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cool, alright but it looks like copycat of gears of war without locust

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looks like its gonna be awsome! definately have to play this one!

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0:54 luks like there may be a multiplayer online. however if there isnt they really need to change there strafe actions on the soldiers :D

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Multiplayer would be freaken awesome

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gears of wars 3??

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pretty realistic...

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was the actual gameplay fastforward? everything seems a bit too fast.

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looks great, they may have finally made a game that lives up to the Terminator name and fans expectations . fingers crossed

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Graphics look great. Gameplay seems of the typical shooter variety so it'll need a good story to keep the player compelled. A few of the areas seem really really dark. That might get annoying if there is too much of that.

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GOW was not the first game to use cover mechanics. The game is what it is a shooter. If it's good ? That has yet to be seen. So far it looks ok.

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okay everyone needs to shut up about the game looking repetetive. its a fricken shooter for christ's sake. if this is repetetive, than so is Halo 3, COD4, and GOW2. So everyone needs to shut up lol. on the other hand. the graphics look pretty good, and i like that you can take cover. it makes for a very realistic game. for a game based of a movie, this looks very good.

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i dont know why people are always saying this is a gears of war copy. Syphon Filter does this to

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is the whole game about taking cover or what. and if im right i will be so depressed

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it looks like Gears of War :D

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it looks like dark sector

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I like that outside level design and come on, all games are repetitive, so do not try to bash this one for it. Bias gamers are not cool!lol

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Does look repetitive....still will hold off until reviews show's what this game is.

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This will either be really good or really bad. I will definitly wait for the reviews.

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Im not sure, it might be funny to play online wit friends but Im not sure....looks kinda dull...

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worth a rental first.... not too excited though...

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It looks pretty nice!!!

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It looks like it might be repetitive and stiff.

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Warner/Grin recently made another movie tie-in. Hopefully this won't be another Wanted but it most likely will.

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WOW!! This looks incredible!! I am totally tracking this.

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Just another film-based game! In the history of film-based games I have never played one that I can truly say I enjoyed. The previews always look promising, but the end result leaves something to be wanted. [If it is a copy of Gears, my only question is..."Why is that a bad thing???"]

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very gears of war but i dont think its a bad thing. gears of war got it right, so my not try something new with it. hopefully this will deliver.

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A gears like system? yes. But most don't realize that Gears wasn't the first to utilize a cover system...it was just the first to do it extremely well....Still...this looks promising as long as it offers more than just a short play through...Personally, i don't have to have multiplayer...

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Gears of War copy?

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tbh this game reminds me of gears 2 alot but still... theres too much "wall" action if you know what i mean. kinda like the wanted game... kind off a rip of of gears but still looks ok might try it out

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