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Tenchu isn't like Gaiden, Gaiden is completely unrealistic in comparison to what real ninja's were like. Tenchu is much more factual and closer to reality than Gaiden. Therefore I like this much better. Definitely gonna get it.

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Where's the review gamespot? I know this isnt some big name game but come on...

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Well the game's out now and the reviews so far sound real good to me, I am definitely going to get this game.

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hmmm, I'll have to watch this now. Looks very interesting and like it has a cool stealthy style.

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im glad*

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nice, im rikimaru isnt just a memory

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Looks good defintly going to buy it

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Looks very good, and for the wii :)

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good for wii

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Well i have to disagree with that comparison. The only similarites between Ninja Gaiden and Tenchu is the fact they are ninjas. Thats where it ends i am afraid. However everyone is entitled to their opinion i guess. I for one am looking forward to this game a lot. Probably number one on my waiting list. It certainly looks like it will live up to the hype.

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its a wii ninja gaiden just looks worse

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Awesome!! Anyway I will wait for the PSP port.

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woot good stuff for the wii

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Yes baby... Been a fan of Tenchu ever since the first game came out on Playstation one a longe time ago... Finally I get to play as Rikimaru again;)

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looks like a great game its on my list with rygar and madworld.

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...It's on the Wii? Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against the Wii... and some games have that, 'this'll be great if we can pull those moves off through motion sensing' like Wii bowling but... I would prefer to stick to the tried and true gameplay of the earlier Tenchu series... waving around my wii-mote to perform stealth kills just doesn't seem like much fun...

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Looks pretty good. I played the first one on the PS1 and loved it. My buddy said the second one was just as good but I never got the chance to play it. From what he's said, all of the Tenchu games since then have been pretty bad. We're hoping that this game will be like the two originals.

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Please dont mess Tenchu up :-(

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Omg are they going to make a good Tenchu this time? I can remember the one for the DS just totally wasn't worth the money >_>

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Well done!

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Please, oh please, oh please let this be a good game!!

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My god, I pray they don't screw this game up! I love this series, and this game looks pretty tight! PS: I hope Tesshu is in this game! :D

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Wow, looks like a pretty grotesque game for the wii. Hardcore gamers should celebrate! Hopefully.........

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Thank goodness the original developers are back to do this game rather than the stupid stand-ins. I hope this one lives up to the namesake of the originals.

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Looks good, hate how Rikimaru sounds like Batman in the Dark Night... Stupid.

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I hope this one has better mechanics and more things to do than the predecessor... I love Tenchu, especially the ps1 releases.

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I'm getting really excited for this. Hope it's as good as it looks