Tekken 6 Interview 1

Tekken 6 is the series' first outing on the Xbox 360 and PSP. Find out more about it in this interview.

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the game is very very good.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this is old interview , what is the point of bring it back ? i want to to knoe cuz i'm tekken fan ?

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The thing I always liked about Tekken is that at its core its just a standard fighting game; 2 fighters in an arena with nothing else to worry about. Now that they've started adding weapons, ranged attacks, collapsing floors I'm worried what it might do to the gameplay. Last time Namco tried to mix things up like this we got Tekken 4 and we know how that turned out. Anyways, on a positive note, the game looks great and the animations is really smooth. Can't wait to get it.

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I can't wait... I hope they some more features at E3

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I am a little bummed that Tekken 6 went to the XBOX 360 because i thought that it was only a Sony thing, but hey, there isn't much i can do about it. Also i think that since they made the Fight sticks for all systems i believe that everyone will be able to enjoy it more especially for the 360 because of the d-pad. Now i have to admit that when i played SFIV on the 360, there were times where i wanted to throw the controller across the room. That is why i am a Sony fanatic!. I am getting more and more eager for this game to come out. October isn't coming fast enough!

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First of all "Evandemocracy", don't worry Marshel is there ;) Secondly; I think that Namco did just one mistake in the Tekken series: "Tekken 4", all the rest are excellent! Especially tekken 3 and 5! I am really hoping they will throw in "Tag Battle" I just loved it! All I can say for the Xbox fan is that I am glad for you guys that Namco is letting you play this. Even though the Xbox controls aren't made especially for fighting games, this game is to good to be downgraded because of a controller right B-)? so iam sure both us PS 3 fans and Xbox 360 fans will have a blast playing this game!!so don't worry!!...Grrrr druling here!!CAN"T W8!!! :-P

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nice and polished with an online content of course i just hope marshal law is in this.

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@Arghyeeho FINE, We'll be more accurate, the Dreamcast!!! Star/Select, L and r were copied and the Dreamcast controller! @ WSXEDC1 No it isn't, it's the truth! and you....CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!! @pvt_richard When a specific engine is used, it's better performing on the bases system! Tekken 6 is run using the PS3 Arcade-Board! The full content of Blu-Ray would be used in the PS3 version, giving more featuers to the game! Tekken 6 = PS3 Version!

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kinda seems like every other tekken, wonder if it will be....different this time

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@pvt richard You must be kidding... right?

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Give me the middle class air combos training please

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00:44 what am i waiting for? THE GAME TO COME OUT OF COURSE

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gotta agree with tekken220. im no ps3 fanboy, but i think ps3 controllers were made for fighters and suck for FPS, and vice-versa for 360 controllers. the 360's d-pad just feels too uncomfortable for me. i also dont really like sticks too much, (used a saturn controller for SF4) but for people who DO use sticks, i cant see why it wouldnt do well for 360. ill be getting this for ps3 using a regular controller, but to each their own. graphically, i think theyll even out.

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imagine playing tekken on an xbox 360 controller... thats why xbox 360 isn't for fighting games

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xbox 360 has more gpu power and more ram capacity...and sense the cell processor supports the gpu and the ram on the ps3 , plenty of it's power will be lost ..i think the 360 will have the better version of this game.

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this looks like Dead or Alive 4's destrucible/ collapesalbe enviroment meets tekken 5 which Namco calls Tekken 6 LOL!!!

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"BLuFAlc0n" that was the biggest load of fanboy bullcrap ever....

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@BLuFAlc0n You are an idiot. The 360 button layout isn't copied from the SNES, because the A and B, and X and Y buttons are swapped!

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Tekken 6 will soon be in my collection. put up your dukes people

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@ Aero-Sayou What's wrong with the PS3 controller??? It's EXACTLY THE SAME as a PS2 controller, but Wireless and ahs motions and trigger on! Man, if you don't know about Tekken, Tekken is PLAYED using a PS controller! Tekken = PS Controller! @ Diernes YOU'RE A DISGRACE in the Tekken franchise. People who will buy Tekken 6 on the 360 are nothing but a DISGRACE! Controls, not just the controlls are the issue, it's also the menu, seeing A,B,X,Y buttons! (Proper copied of DC and SNES), and Street Fighter 4, is a 6-button game, Tekken however, isn't. TRUE Tekken fighters will get the PS3 version! Only losers or a disgrace will buy the 360 version of Tekken. The 360 version will end up ruined but the PSP version won't be because it's Sony, not only that but the PSP and PS3 will have a link feature so the 360 version is DEFINITELY left out. The 360 version is ALSO downgraded compared to the superior edition. Since the PS3 WILL have more features, I'll better stick on the PS3 version and get the PSP version as well. You better chancge your mind, buy a Fighting Stick on PS3, and get the PS3 version. Look, I'm not a Sony Fanboy, but Tekken IS Sony! Belongs to Sony, and Only in Sony. It also suit Sony the best, never suited Microsoft at all. Tekken 6 will be an EPIC FAIL on the 360! Getting Tekken 6 for Online is the WORST EXCUSE to get a Tekken game. If you want to play the real thing, you either play the PS3 version or tha Arcade version. Hard call, but Tekken 6 won't be Game of the Year... it would be awesome if it did though... this won't recieve a perfect score...9- 9.5 maximum. Tekken 6 got some problems on it's own (like making a downgraded 360 port for example), and Tekken 5 is simply better...

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Getting for xbox 360, because basically although I was a ps3 supporter they were too late to the game this gen. The controlller issue is not a problem since I will be playing this on my SFIV TE arcade stick. Once again I have to say. In the official year of the fighting game comeback, this is GOTY for me sorry capcom. (as long as the netcode is good enough) and to the naysayers, you cant really judge this game from a video, the graphics look much better compared to T5 DR. I have seen both games running side by side in the arcade the the graphics are a BIG upgrade.

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This is going be excellent! It look great now. It was one of my favorites. Now on the 360 and PS3 , Thank-you very much.

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this is gonna be nuts!

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This game was released like a year ago in japan, why such the long wait to US release. I cant stand the wait. I love tekken

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ps3 controllers suck i would never buy it for that system period...

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xbox controllers suck i would never buy it for that system period...

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This may be rude, but for some of you, have you guys heard about this news (besides the psp) just during this interview or haven't played tekken 6 before?

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'Tekken 6 is the series' first outing on the Xbox 360 and PSP.' Let's hope it doesn't change too much, none of this microsoft enticement with cash sum crap yeah?

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yeah, i mean it does look kick ass...but it doesnt look very different from dark resurrection: (

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everything destructs the same? pretty lame but i used to love tekken back in the day. enjoyed the fast paced combat and control scheme.

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Looks graphically very similar to Dark Resurrection. Nothing special I'd say

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the game looks awesome, but i cant help thinking that theres gonna be lag issues on the 360 version, anyone play D.O.A?

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Jin just pulled a sword out of thin air, im buying this game. forever.

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maaan i swar i cant wait!! i wish it just came out 2morrow lol

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@ ptysau Lemme guess, all you play are FPSs?

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Fighting Games are soooo outdated! Street Fighter 4 was pushing it...

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we've waited so long for it, i hope its worth the wait.

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breakable floors, i love it

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as long as microsoft doesn't give them a sack of money just to steal characters from the ps3 version, im happy

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looks pretty much the same as all of the last tekkens... except for the destructible walls and floor.. but im not impressed.

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Tekken - the only fighting game that a noob can win just by button bashing...bleh...and fix the online play...fighting games shouldnt lag.

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I'm sooo getting this on my PS3

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punkdsk8erdude, your 100% right

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I want Tekken 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he! So excited! Sorry guys, can't help it, I'm just so enthusiastic about this game!

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I Hope (praying) that there will be 'Tekken Tag Online Mode' PLEASE!!!! That would make this game 'Untouchable" to all fighting games....(Not like it's untouchable already)

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i cant wait for this. i never owned a ps2, so the last tekken i owned was T3 - and it was one of my favorite games on ps1, i still play it to this day. its one of the best fist fighting games EVER. kills DOA, VF, etc. i will get this the day it comes out.

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