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this makes me smile :D

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awesome destroying the landscape...go BOB!!!!!!;)

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Succinct, armor_king_2. Yeah, leave the weapons for Soul Caliber, Namco Bandai. Grizzly bears and pandas have no need for any steel.

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PS3 Control Got broke because of S.F.4 I need to buy at least 2 more special for Tekken ONLY. ;)

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The weapons are a funny but i hope that's all they will be used for, I mean just for laughs. Because Tekken allways ment "Pure Fighting!" Namco, please leave the weapons for Soulcalibur :)

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aaaahhhh!!!!!!! I'm a big Tekken fan and I can't wait for this to come out already! My PS3 better be ready cause when this AND GOW3 come out I'm not leaving it for 4 weeks solid.

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"Hmmp"r U believe ?"that the tekken 6 on the psp?"ME?"i believe it"

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For those who wonder. All character from previous Tekkens are in (except, Jun, Kunimitsu, Unknown, Ogre, Dr. B, Gon) plus 6 new chars(4 from Tekken 6; 2 from Bloodline Rebellion). Weapons are fun bonus purchasable items, that one can use during the battle, but they don't do much damage, or any at all.

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I'm soo getting this for my PS3!

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"I hate the gametrailers.com"because i cant put the trailer to my PSP":(

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"WOw"nice trailer"but,i need the new trailer"can u put thiS traiLer?":Tekken 6 trailer:Microsoft Japan Spring Conference"Plllzzzzz"i will vote U" :)

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can't wait to play this game i think this is the best fighting game ever.(the fat guy is bob he will represent america.)

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This has fail written all over it

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Tekken just got better now with Next Gen graphics:D Im definietely buying this!!!

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what do you mean what are you waiting for, darn teaser. Maybe the weapons are only used when using a ultimate finisher. can't wait anymore after seeing this, the phoenix is back be ready dudes

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who's mister fatty?

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i didnt see yoshimitsu once!

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Salali Posted Apr 30, 2009 11:31 am GMT i don't think the 360's controller will b as efficient as the PS3's, so i'll take it on the PS3 .......... besides whats with the weapons? Yeap thats kinda true, but you can buy a modded controller with LEDs from llamma.com & it will give you no probs. A cheap way is to cut the inner portion of the D-Pad with a sharp knife so it doesnt hit the sides. Well it doesnt give me any problems now. But if you've got PS3, then you wont have to worry about it. PS3 has the best gaming controller ! Cheeers... Plus, i dont like Tekken 6 to be with weapons. Its unique fighting system is all I want.

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there makin it more real thats ****** sweet they should of atleast shown king at the end

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Go Fatty Go! Thought it was a chunked out depressed Paul Phoenix to start with, though that would been funny.

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wow cant wait the first proper next gen tekken!!! im still loving dr on the ps3 but cant wait to get this online...........

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lam loved tekkn6

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weapons???? No!!!! i alywas loved tekken because it was the best FIST fighting game every! if i wanted weapons i would buy SC4 - which i already own!!!!! no weapons!!!!

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@colon r18 Why is it bad that Tekken is no longer an exclusive? You should be happy that the Tekken fanbase will expand and maybe the game will get a little more respect out of Street Fighter fanboys.

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game looks kinda cool

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Oh ,cant wait for this game, always been a Tekken fan..

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i don't think the 360's controller will b as efficient as the PS3's, so i'll take it on the PS3 .......... besides whats with the weapons?

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"colon_r18 Posted Apr 30, 2009 1:56 am GMT It sucks that this game is being released on the 360 too." What the blooody hellllll is ur f***ing problem?????

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:lol: at bob taking pigeons out of the hat.

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seen some pretty badass Tekken 6 Xiayou combos on youtube...

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I'm going to become so broke this fall... Uncharted 2, Bioshock 2, This, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...

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Damn this game is looking so good!

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Not bad, another game I'm looking forward to playing.

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Hot fiyahhh

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