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Yeh, but you don't see any gameplay footage there. Ive seen screen and unfortunately it looks like the last Gamecube title. I may still pick it up -its only £25 pre-order, and it'll prob be a lengthy adventure, but another 'Tales' game is already on its way to Wii -so now ive to decide whether to wait.

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Oh. My. Goodness. This game looks amazing. When it's released over in the UK, I am so getting this. I can't wait ^__^

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Oh yes finally! I'm finally getting this game. I was going to get it for christmas,but it I could not find it.(it was the only game out of the 4 games that I wanted, that I coulden't find.)But I'm going to buy it today.(its going to suck if its the end of the tales of symphonia series, which it proply is :(.)

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So far into it, so good. Nothing on the original (the game that gave me hope the JRPG's are still good) but its still an ok game. Some of the voice acting will make you hate it (surprisingly most of these are from the original cast and one of the new villains), but if you've gone through these last few years in gaming you'll pick it up for the following reasons: JRPG's that are good have been scarce of late, it will give you a reason to play the Wii again, and it feels so good to pay only $30-40 for a new release. Word of warning though, you have to play the original or you will feel a sense of lacking (strangely enough Gamespot says this alot until the reach something like Gears of War 2 or Halo 3 where the same thing applies but they praise it for that, go figure).

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This game is amazing, i've seen how it works, and I evnvy everyone that can play it at this very moment, (yes I cant it, its still TBA for me). The used the "Liner Motion Battle System" so it plays alot like Aybss. I wouldnt say its overdone either the plot works perfectly, and the main characters, that included of the Symphonia Charaters, also works out, just before people get upset, dont "jump-the-gun" when it comes to Lloyd, there is a reason to explain why he is doing what he is doing.

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The first one was the greatest game i have ever played hopefully they didn't over do it with the second

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ZOMG FINALLY REGAL TOOK OF THE HANDCUFFS! ^_^ LOVE THIS GAME GUNA GET IT 2DAY :D (btw.....ud think regal would zip up his pants o.o)

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is it as long as the gamecube one?

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Omg, when I first saw this I think I nearly shat myself it was so good. I can't wait to get this, I played and finished it like 6 times on the 1 save file (sadly I burrowed the game from a friend otherwise it would be more haha). I do find it kinda sad that from what i've read and seen, Lloyd is the bad guy in this. He was my favorite in the first followed by Shena. Still, this opening kicks as.

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Awesome, we get to see the guys from the first ToS... I'm psyched about this, though limiting the exploration aspect in this new game is a bummer.

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Awesome >;P

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@Lord_Pisces: I respect Namco Tales Studio for the wonderful job that they made every time they develop a kick ass tales of games, I don't respect Namco the company for the regionalization of the games. Period and I don't remove my words, the original opening is better

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i feel bad for Europe its still TBA

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in game graphics please!!

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Looks like a sweet new game for Wii [I ain't got nothing to do with this but PLEASE, be more acceptive with people who don't speak English. I'm talking about Falcatops. He said: "q bueno q al fin vaya a salir este juego, lo he estado esperando durante muchos años" Translation: "That's good this game will be finally released, I've been waiting for this game for many years"]

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Looks awsome man. I still gotta beat the first one. I feel so pathetic...

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i love how the music flows with the scenes in the this video. i can't wait to get it :P

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Just Two More Days!!! To Bad That The World Map Is Gone But The Towns And Dungeons Are Bigger Than The Last Game. Love The Tales Of Series!!!

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the music fits perfectly with the theme and at least in my opinion is really good...and if u notice they are doing the same as ToS...ToS' intro in japanese is a song as well as DotNW's japanese intro...and the english intro is an orchestration as well as the english intro of DotNW...

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This game is ALMOST OUT!!!!!!!!!! =D But the JP starting of this game imo was better. You guys should check it out!

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I want this game soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!:(

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q bueno q al fin vaya a salir este juego, lo he estado esperando durante muchos años

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Late (already saw this) but thanks.

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sweet!!ive been waiting 5yrs for this...wen ToS came out in 03 i had fun...it was awesome an it was hard as hell...i loved it an it had a great story characters an enviornments...wen i beat it i beat it many times trying to get all the items an beat the side quests an everything...i was dying for ToS2 an now its comin an you bet ima get it...

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OMG Amazing Video, I Loved Tales of Symphonia and I still have the game. Tales Of Vesperia was Amazing, So I know that we are in for a GREAT Game!! And I agree with Lord_Pisces, Namco-Brandai is one of the greatest game company out there! So, for those who are into playing RPG's this is a Amazing game and if you have not thought i buying it then think about???? To all have FUN!!

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I agree with you Nick. Though the music DOES fit the theme of the game VERY well, it does feel like a step back compared to what we got from ToA and ToV. But still, never insult Namco-Bandai over something so insignificant again. They are the greatest game company out there, and they're the reason we'll all be playing this game, and for that you can overlook something like the intro song. Please give them the respect they deserve.

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Oh my god its almost here, i'm really happy ((the first game was my favorite game off all time))

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Wow what a video.I enjoyed the first one,and now the second is looking pretty good.All we can do is wait...though it looks like noone can so...dont go bouncing off the walls waiting for the last 3-4 day wait.STAY CALM!

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oh man this is coming out soon =D sweet vid, look forward to the game.

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i already preordered this game.

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I know I would sound a little grumpy, but that sucks, after vesperia has the original opening (well one in english and the original in japanese) and at least the respect the kick ass song karma on tales of the abyss....to put this opening for Dawn of the World -_- it feels (at least for the opening part) like a step back. Damn you Namco Bandai....but hell yeah I will get this game as soon as possible

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I like this opening. And I agree with barkera0. I want a European Release Date!

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Still TBA for Europe :(

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man i cant what until tuesday

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Don't get...

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YAY!!! 3 days!