Sword Master Reacts To Star Wars: Jedi Survivor's Combat & Lightsaber Styles

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor's combat features a multitude of methods for Jedi to take on the forces of The Empire or battle droids. With so many lightsaber styles available to Cal Kestis as he makes his way across the galaxy, we wanted to learn more about the game's historical inspirations, and what a real swordsman makes of lightsaber duels as well as Jedi and Sith alike batting back blaster bolts. On this episode of Expert Reacts, we invited David Rawlings, a sword master of over 25 years experience, HEMA e

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Expert Reacts

Expert Reacts

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GameSpot’s take on the popular ‘Reacts’ Youtube Format. The series follows various experts in their field, such as Mark “Billy” Billingham who served in The British SAS, David Rawlings a Sword Master and founder of the London Longsword Academy, and Jacob