Supreme Commander 2 - Strategies From Team GPG

The team at Gas Powered Games talks about their favorite gameplay styles in Supreme Commander 2.

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the patch wont make up for how much they have screwed up from the first game

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I hope they sell it in retail stores in card formats with the code on it. Some people can't use credit cards. :(

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I'm an old supcom fan not a supcom2 fan unfortunately, i hope they'll go back to the old way, a first step is bringin the Monkeylord, and i hope the rest will keep on comin, did i hear QAI somewhere i sure hope so ;)

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aye supcom2 was a waste of my money....

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Forged alliance is so much better

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Bring it on. GPG and SE have been excellent with the support of this game. I can't wait to play with the new toys. SupCom2 is already so much better than it was at release, and they're not stopping there.

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Finally! I've wanted some new maps! The return of the Monkeylord will be great too.

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Im sorry but compared to SupCom FA this game was trash and the dlc will be as well

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Horrid game.. they destroyed the Total Annihilation style.. Forged alliance beats supcom2 by far

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very impressive. Can't wait till they release more details!

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Great to see the game hasn't been abandoned by the Devs. Look forward to what more the DLC has to offer.