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Great game worth the money imo and who cares about the tiny sound issue problem seriously, your in a battle not a nightclub, its a shame you cant rotate your structures and choose which angle you want to place them, Hopefully the guys who made the game will add it in a patch, thats my only disappointment/wish missing from this game! Square Enix if you read this please think of addressing this feature thank you,

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A tip to beginners new to Supreme Commander 2: Buildings can be upgraded with defenses now, so it may be more expedient to spend resources on them to bulk up base defense instead of building the dedicated defense buildings, especially when space is at a premium (the only resource with actual limits here - one can build up such that mass and energy are rolling in like run-off from a rainstorm). Shield generator upgrades are a great way to tuck away one's ACU to protect it from gunship raids too. Speaking of gunship raids, expect UEF players to resort to these more often than not.