Supreme Commander 2: New Pulinsmash unit Trailer

Chris Taylor's back to show off the newest pulinsmash unit in Supreme Commander 2.

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My biggest problem with this unit is the name. Pull in SMASH!? Seriously... At least try and use a name like Exodus or something. For the rest I as a UEF fan am not worried about it, it only seems good against ground grunts.

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....and remember!!!dont forget to hug your mom and tell her you love her.thank you.

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You guys are missing the point of this thing, despite its cheesy-ass name, it's an area denial weapon, not an assault weapon. It'd be meant to move in, and hold a choke point or like objective while the rest of your units approach. I see huge amounts of use for it, as someone has previously said it could also be a defense, put that behind a shield and you instantly immunize that side of your base from T1-T2 units.

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Is it just me or does Supreme Commander 2 starting to Supremely blow? The units are getting way to cheesy. The new "Demi-god"like maps personally suck, and have we see them zoom out like good old Supreme Commander yet? Im wondering if this is even a sequal?

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This unit fails, if you watch closely it dies before the last unit is destroyed.

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You could just drive right by that unit and ignore it.

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It needs time to even start attacking, the attack speed is slow, and what can it do against other experimentals? And it doesn't look like this can attack while moving. Also I wouldn't count on further buffs specifically for this unit in research tree. On one of the screenshots we can see that Universal Colossus is at the end of research tree. This thing is also major experimental so i doubt it will be any different. Yes, maybe armor buffs will affect it, but research that will allow this to attack while moving? Not really. At least it looked like that it has decent hp, but still I'm not sure if this should be major experimental.

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Ugh. I hate these comic units.

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It doesn't looks so stong. It takes a lot of time to attack with this clumsy machine.

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First of all, the guys at GPG should change the freakin names of some of the units and make it more tough than ridiculous, as for the function of this unit if i'm playin Aeon i wont build it, it FPS is waaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooo slooooooooooooow, it cant be a major experimental unit, they should do somethin bout it, oh yes.

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Okay, there's something about these new experimentals that just seems a little too comical. Pulinsmash? Unit Cannons? Cybrana-freakin'-saurus!? This is just getting silly. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go hug my momma. :P

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personally, i'd like to see this game have the same thing that TA did: an open source code so people could design just units to be shared with the world. As for this weapon, it looks like a base defense item to me. build up 6 or seven of them and string them around your base; that way if the enemy starts rushing you, you can stop some of the damage while calling in other forces to assist

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Lets hope the tech tree can upgrade pull speed and armor.

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Would like to see it with experimental and other units like they did at Cavedog. Release a new unit every few weeks. Even better would like to be able to unibuild some type of unit with mix n match abilities or mods. Another possibility would be to have a mod slot that you can put an extra item on like reinforced shields, extra capacitor for burst weapons fire, speed enhancer, etc.

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Yea from the vid there it look like it got taken out by T1 type tanks and if that was so then imo it it isn't worth building but I could be wrong about what kind of tanks they were. I hope as well that this isn't the final version of this type. It does need some more tweaking done to it.

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doesnt seem like an amazing unit for its size, especially since it sucks in only one unit at a time and at a really slow pace. The Aeon experimental in SupCom 1 had a similar "pulinsmash" ability if anyone remembers, but it also fired an awesome death ray. I hope SupCom2 has a wide range of experimentals and commander upgrades. It would be awesome if you get to keep the upgrades from mission to mission throughout the campaign too!

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A bit strange that it sucks 1 at a time, but they're all at same dinstance from it, while the unit isn't using any suction/tractor beam to pull them in. IMO with such design i'd expect it to suck multiple targets within certain radius at the same time.

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Looks like it needs more armor, especially if it is costly. I can't see pulling it up near a group of enemies and using it if it is pulling them so slowly.

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Not sure about this unit, could be handy if you deploy afew near a large enemy formation (Let them obsorb the attacks, while your main force focuses on wiping em out quicker !), Pull and Smash indeed :D. Still if i was to use this then it wouldnt be on the offencive, i would keep it for defence to stall the enemy near my base still only time would tell if it has any real uses

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looked like a few crappy tanks killed it...

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Yeah, I do wonder about the practicality of this unit myself. It does not seem to be capable of sucking up many enemy units at once, though it does seem to be capable of swallowing air units. The aspect that I am most worried about is its range - it does not appear to have much of that. I hope that this is not the final version, or it won't be seeing much use in competitive matches. I believe it can still be buffed, considering that we do see that it is capable of absorbing missiles without harming itself. Maybe it can be buffed with the ability to slow down nearby enemy units too, especially aircraft.

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I wonder why is it called the Pulinsmash. Do note that many of the units in the first game actually have names with references to certain real-life things. I doubt it's just a jumble of words.

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This unit seems a little less useful than some of the other experimentals. Does it take longer to suck up larger units? Can it attack other experimentals? Does it have a huge amount of HP? Seems like there must be some other aspect of it we're not seeing.