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I used to be a big SF2 fan back in the day. Must of spent hundreds of dollars in quarters back in the day. I got the original Street fighter 4 for PS3, and i like it. I think im going to have to pass on this one. It does not make sense to have two of the same thing (pretty much)........Why not a next gen Mortal Kombat ???????

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What about lag? still the same???

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voice crack all over

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This game is so f***ing overrated. It's got the shortest move list of any street fighter game since original sf2. Basically that's all it is with a new look and a couple super moves. A big step backward from the Alpha series imo.

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Erm, why masterclass characters that have hardly changed? Quite pointless.

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I got the game yesterday must say big improvement must have for any street fighter fan ,the game plays much faster and smoother than street fighter 4 get this game .

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yea! just two more days

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the wait is seriously killing me

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Brother.. Once upon time, The Master said, SF4 is only for honourable people with dignity. The weak is given no choice but cast to pits of failure.

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SSFIV is going to me amazing!!

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Epic. I'm glad I pre-ordered this last night off Amazon :D

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This game looks really good.

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so dis game houses street fighter 4 too?

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you're an idiot

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Those look like Final Fighters to me, for those who don't know Final is the grade after g1-A and if your not a true Fan of Super Street Fighter IV stop posting comments on it.

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i'll definitely use those techniques when i play Street Fighter!

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lol daigo (daygo). It's pronounced daigo (die go)

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Whackjob self-deprecating ending, but that's Start-Select to you!

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What a weird ending.

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They definitely made some improvements with the visuals. Yes i agree Cammy is very aggressive in the right hands most-def with that dive-kick. Mann that combo he did with Akuma was sick. All of those guys are good and the tips did help out some what.