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great vid. chun li is so hot

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nice vid, juri seems like the most awesome new character in ssfiv. honestly none of the others seem that interesting except for t-hawk, oh and dudley since he's so lolz : P

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Legs vs. Legs, perfect match-up. One Question, though: where did Cammy get boobs?

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@Tregster: That's exactly what I said!

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Dude, my clueless friend will freak when I tell him the news.

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as if chun li couldn't have taken care of her, on her own?

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Hmm she got eye in-yang like set's stomach

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new characters confirmed.....IBUKI......DUDLEY.........MAKOTO

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its truly something special. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.

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cannot wait.

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Wonder what Capcom meant with Cammy coming over to back Chun-Li up. New game mode?

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Capcom took its time introducing a korean taekwondo fighter to the roster, it should be good though, as for new unannounced characters I doubt there will be any, more than likely what we see is what we gonna get fellas, getting some SF III third strike characters would be real nice though, oh well tuff break I guess

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lol does Juri have a Sharingan?

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it said juri and chunli trailer so it was a pleasant surprise wen i saw cammy =)

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Thats a nice trailer, I'm really interested in playing as Juri.Thats an interesting eye she has, I bet Sagat wishes he could get one of those lol

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A very very nice and inspirational art style used here, bravo! :) ~gamerjohn07~

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What a epic battle (Chun-Li and Cammy VS Juri)! Only time will tell if Capcom add some SF3 characters to the SF4 roster, or maybe other characters like: Rolento, Sodom (with the pair of jitte and the Masamune katana blades), Karin, R. Mika, Birdie (without the weird hairstyle), Eagle, Juli, Juni, Maki (form Final Fight) and Ingrid (form Capcom Fighting Evolution and SFA3 Max). Not to mention 1 or 2 new characters.

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sick !

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Enter Cammy! Awesome vid! Can't wait to try Juri also.

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Finally Chun has a female enemy, and a sweet one at that. Juri is a great addition to SF.

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love the video hehehehe all my favorite characters are there exept rose loking foward to it

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Looks awesome. When the final roster is announced I hope it includes a few characters from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. I love SFIV but it just feels more like the Alpha series with everyone that's in it. We need some SFIII love too, Capcom. Bring it on!