Super Start/Select - Resident Evil 6! Minecraft jungles! The great IP drought?

We end the week with news of Resident Evil 6 coming in November, jungle areas coming to Minecraft, and Johnny on his soapbox to ponder the shortage of new video game ideas.

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So reboots...Come to think of it...Someone could do Carmageddon, for instance...How About Spy Hunter? Oh Wait :p Homeworld Maybe? Or Company Of Heroes 2: Modern Battles, LOL What about the ReLaunch/Reboot/Reimagining of Death Rally on The PC? Where is the Reboot/reimagining of the Dune RTS? man, with all the 3d technology now, those sandworms could really look terrifying, oh god all the things they could do now... :( I want a Modern Dune RTS!!!

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Killer Instinct 3 for the PS3 ,,,????????????

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wow totally nailed what I think a lot of people are feeling these days when it comes to "new releases" leaving the true gamers with a nasty taste in their mouth from the lack of innovation or because they copied and pasted from the previous game. oh and I liked soul caliper that's funny.