Super Button Mashing: Round 2 Memory Leak

Chris Watters, David Jaffe, and Shaun McInnis go head-to-head in round two of Button Mashing: Memory Leak.

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Button Mashing
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Chris says Fight Night Champion way before it actually shows up for the first time.

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which game is at 02:49 ?

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because black ops sucked

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How didnt they get black ops!

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haha "It only does everything".......... except online play

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come on David Jaffe of all people doesn't know Duke Nukem really?

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Say Guild Wars 2 damn it!!!

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Wow.... those aren't very difficult.

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Damn. i had more guesses than these guys. i should work for gamespot... scratch that. gameinformer.

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I'm really impressed these guys were having such a hard time guessing those games.

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@HollyShi7 its Duke Nukem

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what's the name of the school girls kissing game -.- ;;((

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Why did the say "Ocarina Of Time 3D" and they said it was correct in the second memory leak? It was Skyward Sword, for God's sake. And they're supposed to know their stuff...

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So.. these people are supposed to be game journalists?

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i wanna join

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Is it bad if I miss the original opening song? As cheesy as it was, catchy right?

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common guys, i hope its just to fast for you and not that you dont know the games...took to long on the last part (which was the easiest). anyway good show, keep it going as: 1) its fun 2) it will hopefully help you better your game knowledge :D

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AC:B and CRYSIS 2!

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Diablo III is not coming out in 2011,and yes everything else was lame as well!

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They missed Portal 2. Respect just went through the floor.

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This Gamespot crew has very little knowledge about upcoming games if they can't even get Duke Nukem Forever from the two school girls kissing -_-

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heck the idiot announcer didn't even say they missed it so fail

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wow thats sad they couldn't get ffvs13.

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I miss the Jeff Gerstmann version when he was all rapping with his hands saying: "When I say button you say mashing: Button, MASHINNNG! Button, MASHINNNG! When I say button you say mashing: Button, MASHINNNG! Button, MASHINNNG!"

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Only one F word from David Jaffe. Surprising.

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I want to get on this show so i can destroy them

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LMAO :D u should do this more often

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Come on guys, it wasn't this hard. You missed Assasin's Creed, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, The Old Republic, Gears of War (could've been the most obvious one :O )... Jeez. Hope you guys do better next game.

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I hate this show, can I seriously block it from bothering it with updates?

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WOW these guys suck

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i love this, its really interesting and Gamespot should definitely make more