Strange and Unique Games at TGS 2014

Mary and Peter talk about some of the more interesting games they played at the indie booth at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

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    Wow, the Japanese indie scene seems to be even better than the "western" one. New ideas, minimalist aesthetics... Really cool stuff.

    These days devs are so obsessed with being indie as if it were an identity in the industry. They eventually just become the polar opposite of triple A games and become just as predictable. I don't think that's the case in Japan.

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    @parkurtommo Japan indie scene has been going on longer and is better respected then then the western to

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    @j12456788 @parkurtommo The problem with the Japanese indie scene is that it has been content to remain in the obscure. Both because of lack of good ways to distribute and because they traditionally based them on characters they don't own which makes them impossible to commercialize which limits their reach. It's really nice to see the Japanese indies come out into the light and hopefully reach more people. Hopefully they can find platforms where they can reach a global audience and become successful. Perhaps that can revitalize the Japanese game developer space which has become stale and stuck in the past in many ways where once they were known for innovation.

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    I like watching people talking about games ...

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    As per usual - this show has games that would never end up in my house.

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    Interesting video! Thanks! :)

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    Yes, more videos from shows with this interview intersprersed with screen shots. This is the second one like this I've seen. I think you've hot on a winning formula.


    Yes, should be a game called WeinerPeople. I'm not sure hands at each end is teh most fun. A cat-Dog creature might be more appealing visually.

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    They should've called the game "The Wienerpeople" anyway