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Steam's Cool New Spy Vs. Sniper Game SpyParty Is Out Now

We play SpyParty, a PC game where one person plays as a sniper, and the other, a spy in disguise. Join Mike, Peter and Rob as they find out who the true secret agent is.

Indie espionage game SpyParty has been in development for nearly 10 years and has been out there in open beta for five. Now the game has hit Early Access on Steam and is available for download with access to online multiplayer. Check out the latest gameplay in the video above.

Developed by Chris Hecker (who also plays the narrator), SpyParty is a multiplayer espionage game that puts players in the role of the Spy or the Sniper. Players select a map (such as ballroom, pub, or highrise) to be the site of a high-class cocktail party. The Spy has a number of objectives they have to complete in a set period of time at the party (like planting a bug on the ambassador or stealing a statue), all without being identified by the Sniper. As the Sniper, your job is to catch the Spy's suspicious activity and kill them. You only get one shot, and if you shoot the wrong person, you lose.

As of now, the full game is restricted to a 1v1 mode via online multiplayer. There is also a limited single-player mode where you can play as the Sniper, and a single-player practice mode for Spy and Sniper.

While the Early Access version is only available on PC at this time, Hekker has previously said he'd like to see the game come to "all major platforms." Hekker also points out the game has been designed for performance on older machines, to make it accessible for all players.

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