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Steam Deck Might Finally Be Getting Easier To Buy | GameSpot News

Valve is doubling the amount of Steam Decks it's shipping, a bunch of announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct, and Fallout 4 is getting a London makeover.

Praise Gabe! The Steam Deck is about to get a lot easier to buy. Plus, you can play a bunch of new, old games on the Nintendo Switch. This and more on today’s GameSpot News.

With the end of June approaching, and the arrival of Q3, Steam put out a statement that is going to make a lot of gamers happy. For anyone that has a Steam Deck reserved with a Q3 fulfillment period listed, the first batch of emails for that group will be going out on June 30, before the next quarter has officially even started!

What’s more, the company also confirms that they’re increasing production, and will be shipping more than double the amount of Decks it was previously. That means, if you’re in that Q3 bracket, you’re more than twice as likely to receive an email, than say, I was when I had my Q2 order.

I would say I was jealous, but what do I have to be jealous about? I have my Steam Deck already.

To prepare for your handheld’s arrival, remember that Steam’s Summer Sale is happening until July 7, so make sure to check it out for any games you plan to play on Deck, as well as for the best deals you can find.

Moving from the portable PC to its distant cousin, the Switch, Nintendo today had a Direct mini, unveiling a slew of games releasing in the coming months. Many of those announced are older titles that are finally making their way to the handheld, such as Portal 1 and 2 as a part of the Companion Collection, out today on Switch, as well as Persona 3 - 5, previously announced for Xbox Game Pass and Steam, with the most recent entry landing on October 21.

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