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Heh, I am surprised that the demonstrators picked Papers, Please as one of the sample games.

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.... Because gaming with a trackpad is soooooo much fun.....

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Probably takes some getting used to, but I bet its far better for precise aiming than a thumbstick.

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This is the sort of thing you have to try before you buy.

Personally, I've never got along with a controller for first person shooters - it just doesn't work for me.

Mouse and keyboard is a rock hard combo to beat.

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Valve is slowly bridging the gap between consoles and pc's.

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The ironic thing is that most Valve games play much better on a PC than on console, yet this is from Valve... Whatever. Not even interested in this thing honestly.

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Looks terrible, i can't even imagine how hard it will be to play first person shooters with this controller.

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@Vict95 lol it's going to be more accurate

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Just let me use the old fashioned (and almost always better) mouse + keyboard combination. It's superior.

There's a reason why there is such a thing as auto aim and "helping" stuff like that on games that require a gamepad. Someone with a gamepad wouldn't stand a chance against someone with a mouse and keyboard in games that requires speed and precision.

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Can't wait to use it on my Xbox One!

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Surprisingly its better than I thought it'd be.Now I'am excited for this controller.

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Looks like trash. Just gonna get a Dualshock 4.

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Can't watch the video cause of adblock ? Stopped visiting GT for this ....don't make me go IGN only.

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Better be tactile or I'm giving this a pass. Hate playing on "touch" pad/screen type controller. I have to have precision.

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looks great i'm a valve fanboi.

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Never doubted 'em for a second. It's Valve. They'll pull this off. Looks great to me.

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Initially watching the video it seems like picking up your right thumb to keep looking around would be some what of a hindrance compared to a 360 contorller. But now rethinking it, I guess this could almost be more efficient than picking up your mouse every few movements.

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Hmm... Since I have a PC, I use mouse and keyboard all the time except for the few games which obviously need a gamepad, and for those, a gamepad is the perfect tool for the job.

As much as it sucks to say it, it seems like this isn't much use to PC gamers at all unless they're playing on a TV.

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@naryanrobinson Duh its for the steam machines.

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whoa this exceeded my expectations, which were pretty low to begin with. but it actually looks pretty fluid, definitely not a replacement for my mouse and keyboard but there are some games that i would like to play on my couch w/o 360 controller, mainly Counter-Strike, looks like this has the same fast response and accuracy of a mouse...if it works with my pc rig in big picture mode i'll probably buy this

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it looks good but still wont be a replacement for the mouse and keyboard in faster paced strategy games like starcraft2 or Mobas but better than a normal pad atleast

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This reminds me of the trackballs they brought out in 2000 and you would find them everywhere, especially public computers or high end mice for home computers. There was a reason they didn't stick around. They just weren't very good. One of the big reasons they weren't very good would be having to pause a motion, readjust your hand and restart a motion. Something the steam demo video above attempted to mask. This is not very good for most games at all. Also, having to click the ball (or the pad in this case) can lead you to jump your aim and miss. I just don't think this controller will catch on, except for the steam faithful.

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@wonzan you have to pick up a mouse every time you run out of room, so what would be different? This is nothing like a mouse ball.

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@dogman12602 @wonzan Only if your mouse is on very low sensitivity setting. I don't have to pick up my mouse now days at all. I recall doing that like 1998 or something but not in a long time.

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This is a mess!, GS please fix this site it's all over the place.

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@DemocraticTroll It's pretty good when you learn to get around with it, give it some time.

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@snaketus @DemocraticTroll Apparently he is yet struggling with a simple thing like posting something that relates to the content of the article.

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Looks okay. Personally I think I'm going to stick with using the 360 pad with any games I think need a joystick.

It's a nice idea. But who is going to want to sit far away from the screen on the sofa to play a strategy game? Maybe if you have awesome eyesight it will be alright. I would struggle to read the writing from too far away.

Still though, I like the direction Valve are heading, try and gain some market share back for PC games, not to mention bringing linux into gaming a bit more.

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@skiprat I'll use real joystick on games that requires a joystick, flight sims for example. Pad is great on certain types of games for sure. I agree you with that strategy games on big TV. I tried to play Civ 5 on my big screen, but couldn't read small text from proper distance so games like that can remain on desktop.

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Would love to see the controller playing Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 (or any action rpg for that matter).
And definitely find this controller much more exciting than all the new console announcements recently.

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Fuckin A! Just testing gamespots new cursing filter... ...Guess there isn't one :p

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and yet you can't say dou*che...

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@Slade968 @remics That's the new misogyny protocol initated by a certain gs reviewer!. lol

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about time someone made the gap between mouse and a controller smaller. can't believe how long it took to get there... good job Valve. as always.

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I'm more excited about this controller than the entire next-gen consoles. lol

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Couldn't agree more!!!

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@radikel @Ladiesman17 agreed, nothing in the next-gen consoles gives you that "gaming revolution" feel but watching this gives you that feeling pretty much instantly.

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Would like to see it with Dota or LOL. With these games on a mouse you are constantly clicking forwards and backwards accurately. I wonder if you could tap the edges of the sensors to quick look instead of dragging it back and forth. This would also help with FPS. A lot of FPS players quick flick the mouse. If you could drag the sensor and also tap on the edges in the direction you want to quick look that could compare to a fast reflex twitch in a mouse. Just my 2 cents:)

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@edwards86 This thing do the same with rapid movement with your finger, that's the point of it. Problem solved!

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I will/would use this in certain situations. I am a believer. Not because its steam, but what they are trying to do

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@sebbysebbseb Agreed, I would find this contoller intriguing even if it wasn't from steam.

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I want one. When can I buy this Valve?

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gamespot your new site blows. change it back or im out of here. i really doubt ill be alone too.

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@Geminon anyone else finding volume levels varying wildly between videos? I just watched Random Encounter, had to turn it way down, on this video I had to put it all the way up and can barely hear it. It's been like this with many videos, not just those 2.

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My only concern is will your thumbs get held up on they trak pad as the friction from your fingers builds up. Much the way they do while playing a game on your cell phone like modern combat? If the touch pads can remain smooth with your fingers I would be willing to give this a try.