Starting Block: Rage

We take you to the barren wasteland of Rage and get you the info you need to know in order to jump in and get started in this Starting Block video for Rage.

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Im wondering if this is worth the buy, Is the game a rpg? mabye similiar to borderlands or fallout style? cos im sure it will b a good game if so

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have to wait 24h hate that europe is behind

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I love post-apocalyptic games. This one on my favorite list.

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Why the heck is the dead rising trailer SO much louder than everything else?

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like the game but alot dont like finding stuff is easy was hopeing for open world one way to go game go here shoot them come back and i hear the ending is the worst ever nothing like fallout 10 time better but i have to play it should have rented it

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So far playing the game is fun....more to follow!.

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The guy speaking in this video is the right guy for Game-Videos.

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Started the game this morning with a Quad core Nvidia based system. Running smooth as butter, no issues at all.

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Got a message of Game this morning saying mine is in the post ;-) so i'm hoping it comes early because it looks mental and i can't wait to give it ago but i'll be playing mine on a console,don't hate because of it as we are all gamers at the end of the day. ;-)

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Must wait till friday before steam unlocks it:(

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People may want to look at this before they decide whether to buy or not. << LINK REMOVED >>

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Elite39 are you good? you got temperature? or you are an i.... ,because i dont know what are you tallking about!!!!!

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lol i have to watch a trailer of rage to see rage. and lol at the kids who gave me thumbs down because of my opinion.

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wow the graphics sucks compared to doom 3 and quake 4, why did the shots from 2007-2009 look so much better? this certainly IS NOT a next step.

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Installing now, looking forward to it...

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so im in*.....

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Im getting mixed messages about this but will be picking up the anarchy edition Friday morning, looks nice, gameplay looks firm, and no sign of debilitating bugs so im.

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I think the game deserves a 9, out of the box it works, no issues, no BS, nothing to gripe about......Rage is an instant classic, it's an old school shooter made for a modern audience. This is one game I doubt I'd ever regret buying but then I've never regretted buying an Id game.

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didnt know what to expect from this first it seemed like a stripped down version of fall out or somethin. played it a little more and starting to like it a lot. the game is 3 discs long,,give it a chance it'll grow on ya:)

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Ripped out to grab this game, because it's the recent id software game and love their games. Took it back after a few hours of play and am completely disappointed in this mound of turd. It's plain to me that id has lost their way.

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Expected a lot more...

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sorry gamespot, I don't need someone to tell me how to play a game and ruin the game for me

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Looks so much like Borderlands, on graphics and vehicles.

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