Start/Select - Xbox 720 and PS4 'in 2013', E3 2012 Highlights

It's the final day of E3 2012 as we leave you with news of industry analysts predicting a 2013 window for the next Xbox and PlayStation, choice picks from the final Nintendo conference, and our E3 highlights of 2012.

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A new COD? Like that's not every 3 months.

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Honestly....Xbox 720 and PS4? What is there to upgrade?! Lets be real here, there isn't a need for an upgrade any-time soon. Graphics wise, games are still quite realistic looking, and most will say "Get a PC, its better" but with upgradable slots for ANYTHING, of course it will be, but the versatility of a little PS3 console compared to a chunky electricity sucking PC tower is a lot different. And who would buy a new Xbox720 or PS4? What would be the difference? The only time the Xbox or PS is going to upgrade is when a new way of playing video games will be introduced. (aka The PS1 = CD. PS2 = DVD. PS3 = Blu-ray) In my opinion, the next console wont be released for a few more years yet, but when it is, every game will be downloadable or stream-able, and nobody will have to worry about scratching discs or faulty disc readers.

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I seriously doubt Sony will release a new console by the end of 2013. I think they're sticking with their ten year plan for the PS3 and I would suspect PS4 will come out around then in 2016. The earliest I can imagine they'd release PS4 is end of 2015, and the earliest they'd show the first prototype, in my opinion, would be at e3 2014.

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really do we really need new consoles already i mean xbox and ps3 are systems but myself i am a more ps3 fan than anything butr that is something else. the world is not ready for anothet system so they should wait alittle bit longer. besides who even plays nintendo products anymore for reall.

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lol the end

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There stands samsung galaxy note on the background and he have a iphone 4 :D

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Analysts most of the time makes me facepalm :\

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Anyone see the irony of the she being presented by Samsung Galaxy Note and him taking out an iPhone? lol.

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Pretty sad when the most exciting thing to happen at E3 this year is Tom McShea getting verbally pwned by Medal of Honor executive producer Greg Goodrich.

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"E3 2012: Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer tells GameSpot the industry should expect the 360 to hang around for "a lot more" than just two years."

After announcing 99$ Xbox360/Kinect bundle with 2 year live membership agreement.

PS3 announces Wonderbook.

New consoles announced next year? You decide.

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@ThouShallParry7 last of us is a sony studio game...dark souls is a third party game

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Best double team ever! xD

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In a nutshell: PC and Xbox FTW!

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I tried playin on a PC but i just didn't like it.. i'll just stick with the console. PS4!!!

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I love PC gaming way better than console gaming, but not everyone is savvy enough, nor can afford a good gaming rig that will run games now and for a couple years into the future. But nonetheless I completely agree PC gaming kills console gaming. And if you are going to talk about using a small monitors, or KB and mice, everyone knows that it's very easy to plug a USB Xbox controller into a rig, HDMI into a great big TV and there you go! Superior PC gaming on a big screen! :) It never used to be so simple! ;)

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What's the point of XBox 720 & PS4 when a Gaming PC always be the best :D XBox 360 & PS3 was a wast for me until I got a Gaming PC and now I'm loving PC more than console, how about making XBox 360 & PS3 more better games like GTA. PS2 has more better games than PS3, no point in a PS4 in my point of view. With PC you can play all the old games and new ones and I can't wait to pay more PC games. How about making new PC's with easy graphics slots for upgrades instead of consoles, wreath thinking about ;)

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@Peter23CU The only thing about consoles is that they have exclusive games, and this is how they force u to buy the console. If the exclusive games were available for PC then no1 would buy any consoles.

Let them have all the exclusive games in the world. but they still can't have World of Warcraft.

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