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Start/Select goes daily! Johnny takes you through this week's best-selling games, checks in on Timesplitters 4, and looks over your feedback on GTAV.

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Man Jonny is weird without a beard! DAMN!

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They need to bring Time Splitters to PC. On consoles, it'll end up competing with FPSes with far bigger consumer bases (CoD, Battlefield, Halo) which would commercially doom it.

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Oh cool, I'd LOVE to see a new Timespli#tters being made, it's been way too long. Loved the older ones, I just hope they stick to the 'not too realistic but very fun and humorous' feel that the others had. GTA V better not be the last game, I just DONT want to live in a world with no more GTA =P "I want GTA zombies" - I don't =/ Keep zombies for Resident Evil(the good ones) and Left 4 Dead otherwise no one will care(or won't want them in anything anymore to shoot at haha). Can't wait for GTA V, I wanted it in 80's Vice City again if I'm honest but San Andreas is just as nice, just the way the older GTA games were, going through them in that order again would be good.

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Zombies on Call of Duty, zombies on Read Dead Redemption and that without mentioning all the zombie games we already have. NO MORE ZOMBIES PLEASE!!! I'd rather see the sequel of "Zombies Ate My Neighbors", now that would be awesome.

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bully 2 yep a new gta san andreas yep a new red dead nope that game is borin

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So agree wif the first comment 4 GTA Red Dead Sequal > GTA: 5 San Andrease 2

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i have always loved GTA so im glad that they are making a new one but honestly they should make a new city instead of us getting put back in a 'touched up version' of san andreas. However, i would not mind seeing a bully 2 on the shelves in 2012

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they should make gta 5 by being able to choose what colour and gener and their name, just a sejestion. A bit strange going back to san andreas, my memories of that game were flying cars around, going to that huge mountain with your gang members in a car and then jumping off it, lots of cheats and of corse spawing all sorts of thing on that really high building. Also I loved how they did that two player thing, i was hoping that they did that in gta 4 but they didnt, hopefully they will in the next 1.

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better be timesplitters 4 and it better be the arcade shooter the series is known for and not a generic cover-based, regenerating health, everything is a shade of brown shooter. with Golden Eye and Perfect Dark being it's spiritual predessors, should stick with the formula of the fast, frantic, run and gun shooter. i'm expecting story, co-op, multiplayer, challenges, mapmaker, at least 10 mp maps with the 6-8 gametypes that the previous ones had. Virus for the win!

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Can't wait for the next GTA, but I think it's going stale now, I wouldn't mind a Red Dead Redemption Sequel over a new GTA.

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what?...its true, it would be very unlikely to be the 5th installment in the main series. the only reason i mentioned this is because of the comment "i predict it will be the last in the main series of GTA. 5 is a nice number to finish up on"

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I had no idea Johnny went here from GameOn, Found you Johnny!!

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I really hope they make Timesplitters 4!!! I still play Timesplitters 2 to this day, pleaseee make it.

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Can't wait for some more awesome timesplitters multiplayer action. No other game would even consider letting you having a bear vs snowman vs gingerbread man match off. Stone golems FTW, just no one be the bloody monkey! :D

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Timesplitter should the mood of the present shooting genre we are used to. in a good WAY !

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I didnt like this chapter.

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i saw timesplitters 4 in the title so i came here. thx for another cheap click gamespot, plz gamespot just because u have no new news plz dont make a video telling us wat might happen,this video had no new info or anything new

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um it im sure wont actually be called GTAV you do realise, it will be a spin off, that is what they always do. it will probably be a long time until they bring out GTA5. please tell me if im missing something.

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Getting rid of the weapon progression and getting rid of the car modding was a big WTF for me. I thought they were going to jus make a bigger better San Andreas, more player customizing, more car customizing and so on. Even though it wasn't ultra realistic I loved having ten houses, 17 custom cars, my own airstrip and a jetpack. And for the lords sake I hope in this GTA I can move left and right while looking through my sniper scope. Having to get out of the scope to move literally one half inch was really frustrating and uncalled for when it comes to this generation in games. Hopefully it handles more like red dead when it comes to shooting, oh yeah and another thing. Why to they have online and single player different when it comes to your sprint and crosshair, I want the dot with a circle around it both on and offline, and I don't want to have to tap X to sprint offline, why can't I jus hold X like when I'm online??? Those are some things that confuse me on what are truly amazing games. And I can't wait for Agent!!!

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hopefully timesplitters 4 will be great

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They need to have another san andreas since they had 1 game of it. I would like to see san andreas in Nicer graphicx and much more to do

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make gta 5 more like san andreas with the wieght lifting and that sh

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I'm really getting tired of seeing the guy with the ketchup and mustard bottles, Gamespot. Enough already!

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what they need to do with gta V is to amp it up it cant just be like gta 4 just in a different location an character they need to amp up gameplay make more action maybe add some funny stuff add more customization for online and make online more of a reason to progress and level up and rewards maybe some weapon customizations not just go online an screw around. Of course dont loose the concept of gta while doing this.rockstar never dissapoints

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Please, please, please give me my TimeSplitters 4

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these guys are way more entertaining & humorous compared to On The Spot... On The Spot's writing/dialogue is pretty bland... its not that its just bland, its just presented in a way that is very straight forward & to the point rather than being more playful with their show...

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And Def GTA Zombies haha

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If they can bring back all the fun stuff you were able to do in San Andreas, I'll definitely get it. I'm playing GTA IV right now and it's kind of boring.

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Hopefully there will be GTA V for PC :) Rockstar rocks :P

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def prefer the 3 min show than the 20 min

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Wow, TS4 with Crytek engine, impressive.

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GTA V, hell yeah

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Give us TS4 already!!

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saints row 3 is looking wicked, from the crazy things you can do in it. GTA4 forgot about the fun. my money is on Saints Row 3 this time.

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I really hope we get TimeSplitters 4.

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His voice is so annoying but he's pretty funny and I have a bad sense of humor!

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Great show but where is Jane :/

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