Start/Select - Starbreeze, Patapon 2, Mytran Wars

This week on Start/Select we take a tour around Starbreeze studios and go hands-on with Mytran Wars and Patapon 2.

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I think Guy should have me on the show, lol we'd have loads of fun! Get in!

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Mytran Wars reminds me a little of Ring of Red on ps2. Certainly the overhead view does anyway...

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Hey, wasn't that first guy Rddick punched out Peter Moore?

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The Darkness was the first game to make that "VoCap" shine, it's amazing in that game. Can't wait for Riddick to come out here, 24th. Oooh, so excited.

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chronicles of riddick- want

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Very very awesome. I love the interviews. Can't wait to get into it.

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Mytran Wars looks really good.

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This video is fantastic. In 25 years of game playing, I have never seen a better video "preview" of an upcoming game release. The interviews with the game developers were exceptional. I was treated to an intelligent presentation of the technical aspects of the development of the game. I had not intended to buy the new Chronicles of Riddick game. After watching this video, I can't wait to get it and play it . Great work Gamespot UK !

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Motion cap and voice recording at the same time really adds to that scene, cool! should make for excellent atmosphere.

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cool i might get it for ps3

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nice liked the starbreeze bit. that jesus guy was weird :)

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This was good.

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Why does Starbreez have a Jesus in their team?? ;D

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Pata, Pata Pon

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Go Starbreeze Go