Start/Select - Rock Band 3, iPhone 4, UK games tax breaks

In this Start/Select, we talk to TIGA's Richard Wilson about the cancellation of UK games industry tax breaks, meet Harmonix to find out more about Rock Band 3, and take a look at the gaming features of the iPhone 4.

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OMG it's a female entity! So that's how they look like....

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Awesome show guys!

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I love Jane. She is dead on gorgeous and so smart :) I'd have her babies if I felt like parenting xD

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Great ep. Can't wait for Rock Band 3. Nice to see some iPhone 4 coverage, not many outlets seem to be talking about it in relation to games.

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Hey great show, lots of great additions to it. :) Keep up the great work

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Cool show. Peace to all the Gamers in Europe.

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@chrisbeaumont No problems. Invoice in the post.

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Good show. I never used to watch Start/Select, but I watched the pre E3 show the other week and since then I've been watching.

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@eastwoodmaniac thanks for letting us know about the messed up politicians names - all fixed now :)

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@mozla what can I say, I just love Peggle that much!

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wow that's pathetic, you can't wait 30 seconds! idiot.

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I'm so sick of hearing about the damn iPhone 4. There is a disproportionate amount of coverage in the media regarding it. At this rate Jobs won't have to shell out a single penny advertising it. Particularly as there are better phones out there already (i.e. ones that you can actually use to make calls with). Also, you majorly mucked up and called Ed Vaizey 'Don' and Jeremy Hunt 'James'. Understandable being as they're not exactly household names but isn't that what Google is for? Good stuff nonetheless.

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So hot

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Awesome cast and show :)

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Best show in ages Gamespot UK crew. Very interesting.

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Nice show :)

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great show again guys.

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Guy Cocker....... What a funny name.

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what if you want a phone that doesn't lose signal if you hold it?