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This week we go behind the scenes at the BAFTA video game awards to talk to Dara O'Briain, Media Molecule, and Charlie Brooker, then end up knee-deep in zombies with Resident Evil 5 and Burn Zombie Burn!

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RE5 co-op has no horror!! What's he talking about+ the bot AI (Sheva or Chris) are mentally challenged. I feel bad for anyone playing war hero mode with the bot.

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"we believe we've actually added a new dimension to the horra, rather than removed it." How? *Head explodes*

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Burn zombies burn is like a better graphic version of the boxhead series. Still it does look awesome and i'm most probably going to get it...

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the only good game there is RE5

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Thanks a lot!

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Yeah baby, I got a limited edition Resident Evil 5 bag in the mail today from Capcom with a letter saying you won the competition! Yay, I've never won anything off the internet before so I'm quite happy. Thanks Gamespot and thanks Capcom.

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I'm gonna get Burn Zombie Burn as soon as it comes out!

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Burn Zombie Burn does look pretty good, I just hope it isn't too easy.

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Great episode guys, the bafta coverage was funny. :lol:

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fantastic bafta coverage

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good show man!!!

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yep right 540p version does not work

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Yet another moron naming a video with ZOMBIE, there arent any left.

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540P version doesnt work .........

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A Dead Set L4D level would be awesome!

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YEs i got Resident Evil 5 today

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burn zombie burn = lame

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Charlie Brooker is so funny.

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1st, :) I hope Burn Zomie Burn has a somewhat in depth combat system.

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Oops, I wrote my comment before I saw how much it was. £6.99 is too much for me...

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Burn Zombie Burn does look like it could be fun to play with a friend (reminds me an insane amount of Monster Madness - even the fonts are similar), but I think its a shame it lacks online multiplayer. Just as long as it isn't more than £6.29, I might consider it...