Start/Select - PS3 games on Vita, Microsoft dropping MS points

Tuesday's episode is brought to you by the letter M for Microsoft, who may be dropping its digital currency known as Microsoft points, and V for Vita-playing PlayStation 3 games.

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@ wasakawaka, I agree completely, the MS points system is a marketing strategy to get people to spend more money than the content they want actually costs. That is why you are forced to buy points in multiples of 400 even though the point cost of many items falls in between. Users are constantly forced to buy more points than are required.

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wow ps3 games on playstation vita

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the MS Points system was designed to confuse so that people would accidentally spend more money during the conversion process. Im surprised that they want to change it now.

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Microsoft, well done :) You have finally seen the light and are dropping the ridiculous MS points system for real currency.

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I'm all for 'Mustered Mustard', and dropping the MS points system.

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Dropping the microsoft points would be a big mistake. Lots of people who don't have a credit card have to go to the store and buy points cards with cash, what are they going to do for those people?

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PS3 games on the Vita? Wow. Thats pretty damn cool.

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Lego my ego!

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@wcooper LOL, did you hear what you just said? What the heck is ¼ of a cent? Sure, the easy math is.. well, easy. But, how much is 327 points worth… yeah, break out your calculator, Mr. Smarty Pants. It’s not like people CAN’T figure it out, it just that there are WAY simpler ways to do it.

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can anyone tell me how the 3G will operate, obviously i will need a 3g account?? and with 4g coming will they update it ? thanks

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So what happens to my MSP? Do they change over to the new real money system? Because there has to be some sort of way to get your money back... If you simply have a deadline to use all your points or their gonebee I'll be PO'd (Along with a lot of other people). Just one more reason I'm never going to buy a Microsoft console. I used to be a PS guy, (owned the PS & PS2) and the Playstation4 will be my next console purchase... there's no doubt about it any longer.

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The points system is not complicated at all. Each point is worth 1 and 1/4 pennies. 400 points = $5. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

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