Start/Select - Nintendo's stock drops, EA bemoans 3D

On today's Start/Select. Nintendo invents a new dance called the stock drop, and EA says no to the third dimension.

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I like 3d gaming and I like my 3ds... period.

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3D TV is bleeding edge now, no one has it but people with a lot of disposable income. Just like flat panel TV's were 10 years ago. IF (and it's a big IF) the tech takes off it will become ubiquitous in the near future. And you know if Nintendo can do glasses free 3D on the DS, it's only a matter of time before it comes to full size TV's. EA is just taking the wait and see approach. Though it's painful to see they think like everyone else does that the easy money is going to be in social games on browsers and mobile devices. Hopefully more people realize that social games don't have to be simple mini-games or Farmville - MMO's are social games, you know...

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I still love Nintendo, even if I have grown up.

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Alot of people commenting are fanboys who bash everything nintendo does but when that same innovation comes to thier favorite system its suddenly the best thing in the world. Thumbs down this all you want but there are a lot of hypocrites commenting

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Okay John Riccitello I was on board with you when you were putting down 3D but then you had to go and ruin it by saying that gaming consumers are honestly interested in social gaming. I think you are misinterpreting the fact that more and more people own smartphones with an honest want to trade AAA titles for games like Bejeweled and Angry Birds. I'm all for casual fare for when I'm waiting for an oil change or at the theater waiting for a movie to start but I don't want a gaming company getting it in their head that I want to crank up my PS3 to play Plants vs. Zombies.

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3D gaming isn't anymore immersive than regular gaming. The only way it could ever be more immersive is if you gave me those ARI glasses from Heavy Rain.

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@johnjarvela Bluray disks hold much more memory than others, imagine if Metal Gear solid 4 was released on the xbox? It would take about 4-5 disks to fit the content how can that possibly be a gimmick? I dont even own a ps3 (I own a 3ds,wii, and xbox 360) and I wish xbox360 and wii used bluray its just that much better its like using a floppy disk instead of a flash drive! And 2, im am 100% sure that anyone who is a gamer and has an xbox or ps3 had it before the kinect and psmove came out and lemme tell you, everyone I know that has a kinect or psmove has had it sitting on the shelf gathering dust. To put it plainly (and no offense to anyone who likes the two) the kinect and the psmove are both jokes (and one of them also happens to be a ripoff lol) lets leave motion control to nintendo. And HD not only do TV's have HD but so do computer screens, and just about everything else. How can wanting your video game to look crisp, clear, and vibrant be a gimmick? And then there is Xbox Live, you might as well call wireless internet providers gimmicks too! I pay for xbox live because I want a better experience and you know how they say, you get what you pay for. Oh and fyi? the WiiU has HD, hope you don't start trolling them with accusations of being "gimmicky".

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@Hail23 although that does sound attractive you have to think about a certain word. Competitiveness. In other words, these companies compete against each other to make a better game or make a flashy new controller or a monster of a console that can make your eyes bleed with how real the water droplets look streaming down Japanese girl who decided to wear the skimpiest school uniform at her disposal or a chainsaw ripping apart some god ugly creature. If these companies and their developers worked together there would be no need to compete and games would be bland and uninspired because there's no need to convince people to buy a different game or a different system for that matter. If anything competitiveness is what drives people to make good games.

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I wouldn't mind a system that combined Nintendo's innovations, with Sony's hardware power, and lastly with MS's online abilities. that would make for a great system. A system that was always evolving. Just thinking.

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I think EA is right. 3D seems like just a fad. I'm sure some people love it, but it just seems so unnecessary. It's a gimmick that doesn't add much to the experience, whether it is a movie or a game. I shudder for Sony's investment into 3D games. Seems like another PSPgo.

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good for ea seeing that 3d is just an expensive waste of time. as for nintendo i'm kinda not surprised considering the 3ds didn't do too well, they basically dropped support for the wii, and the next console wont be out for a while. not to mention the whole xenoblade last story issue of them dubbing games but not localizing them in na.

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I love developments in tech and usually I'm one of the early adopters. 3D just doesn't do anything for me. I have little desire for the 3DS and no desire for a 3D TV. Having to use glasses to see 3D on a TV is especially off-putting.

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@johnjarvela: The best and most proven sales model on gaming consoles has always been the "razor and blades model". They absolutely need to sell the Wii U at an affordable price, perhaps taking a bath on the hardware costs so that the hardware will get out there and they can make their money back and more with the software. Sony most certainly did not apply the "razor and blades" model with the PS3 when it first came out and it's only been in past couple of years when the price of the hardware has dropped that it has become legit competition in the current generation of consoles. I don't think you can call HD a gimmick anymore. HD televisions no longer cost an arm and a leg and ever since I bought mine I find myself hardly ever watching SD television channels (the only times would be when there is no HD equivalent available to me). HD is getting into more and more homes and as the pool of HDTV owners grows so will the pool of people who own a Blu-Ray player (whether a PS3 or stand alone) because these people will want to take full advantage of their HDTVs. If I go out and buy a high end gaming PC and only use it to browse the web I wasted my money because I could have bought a much cheaper PC to do that. Likewise, if I buy a 1080p HDTV and watch nothing but SDTV and DVD or VHS then I am wasting my money as well because I am not using either machine to its fullest potential.

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johnjarvela what a poor clown you are, HD and Bluray is a gimmick? You welcome to stay in 80's, use your antiquated SD TV or better go back in time when people used B/W TV's becuase color is also a gimmick. Oh and DVD was also a gimmick, the CD ws enough, what am i talking about? the VHS was more then enough, and the old computer data types that used audio cassettes to save data are more then enough too, no need for hard media. I hope nintendo bankrupts will make me happy, i dont care for companies and fanboys that go against the progress.

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well if Nintendo can price the Wii U at a fair price that everyone can afford but not cause Nintendo to lose even more money, I think the Wii U might have a shot, Nintendo's future pretty much rides on this console, it also needs to have GREAT online, yeah call it a gimmick if you wish, but think about this, the stuffs on Xbox 360 and PS3 is also a gimmick, the HD gaming experience, Xbox Live, Blu Ray playback (which the Wii U doesn't need and doesn't have), Playstation Network, everything I just listed is a gimmick to sell the console, thumb me down if you wish, but its the truth, why did most of you buy a PS3 and Xbox 360? HD Gaming, Online experience and Blu Ray playback on PS3, yup you bought into gimmicks... oh yeah Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move...

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technically, almost every 3d game can be view in 3d since all the engine has to do is to just render two imgaes at the same time from two "cameras" set a few unit lengths apart........but a lot of optimisation has to be done. also they have to make sure that every thing is in 3d like smoke and explosions like (cant believe im saying this) treyarch has done.....still 3d is not a new thing, its been around longer than me

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3D is cool, but i think its still in it's earliest phase. most people still do not own a 3dtv, and most people ive spoken to are interested in the concept of 3d, but aren't willing to shove out a fortune to buy a new tv for it, in addition to the necessity of wearing special glasses just to watch television. in terms of gaming and movies, im getting a little sick of movies implenting 3d in a crappy way, akin to the way a lot of shovelware wii games tack on motion control, or are really bad games that simply make use of motion control. but my brother, who's profession revolves around film, likened the current 'gimmicky' 3d movies to the beginning of motion picture. the earliest films were literally films of nothing...just trees in the wind, or a horse eating grass. literally the most boring stuff you could ever not want to watch, but people flocked to it because it was really just a showcase for motion picture before it became an art form. with 3d in movies and games, we are still at that point. movies are tacking it on, or crap movies are being made just to use 3d, and people are loving it. im not, but i'm sure that in a few years, 3d will improve and catch on. as of right now, this current generation of consoles, and even the next gen, im not interested in 3d. im sure next gen will support it, but im with EA on this one, for the time being.

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3D jump started my career as a broadcaster and narrator, as far as I'm concerned its the only way i can play games like portal 2 , world of Warcraft ,batman or any other 3D ready game. Once you experience 3D gaming you will never go back to 2D..ever !!

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hey bat say that in 10 years when your fkn little 3d freak..

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And for all the haters, sorry, 3D isn't going anywhere. Looking forward to Avatar 2 & 3, not to mention the Star Wars re-releases. Disney is releasing EVERY 3D movie in blu-ray 3D, and Sony is releasing EVERY game in 3D. That's good enough for me. I laugh at the haters whenever I think about it. I'll be alright without EA. Only M$ fanboys hate 3D.

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3D is awesome. Sorry for those who can't use it or can't afford it. I have a 50 inch Panasonic 3D 600 Hz 1080p. Mortal Kombat and Killzone 3 look amazing! So does the trailer for Uncharted 3. No eye strain here.

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3D is's just that most people already have a 1080p widescreen that works just fine. Not everybody is just going to run our and upgrade like they did when HD became the standard. Five or more years from now, when my nice HD set kicks the bucket, then I'm sure 3D will stand a chance for me. Sometimes bad timing and poor implementation make a good product look bad - like with tablet PCs before the iPhone lead into the iPad. It's not that people don't like 3D, it's just that 3D is kind of a bonus feature, not a must have product.

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EA doesn't really have a right to bemoan ANYONE

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@Jag-T1000 But they have an adjustment option for the 3d which allows you to minimize the 3d if not turn it off. So you don't always have to play the 3DS in 3D. The main reason I haven't bought one yet is I think about my DS and my DSi... and I never use them. Well not the way I think Nintendo wants me to use them. I'm currently using my DSi as a coaster for an empty soda bottle. Don't know what I did with my DS. Why buy another one when Nintendo will just come out another version of the same product but with a bigger screen or a smaller size. I feel the same way about the iPhone and its many iterations. It would be different if you had the option of swapping out parts (meaning you'd buy them ofcourse) so that the device you just bought wasn't obsolete in the near future. That way you could save money yet upgrade to the latest iteration without having to regret your prior purchase. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Nintendo nor Apple I just don't like the prospect of having to buy the same more than once just to get the latest in tech for said device. I wish there were a legitimate middleground alternative to doing so. Maybe Nintendo's seal of approval upgrade parts to bring your DS up to your desired iteration.

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3D gaming is an amazing experience, Games like Warcraft look incredible in 3D. You can check out my 3D Videos here at S3dgamerzone/com

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It's not that 3D is bad, people are just concerned about their vision. Watching a 2hr movie in 3D is okay once in a while, but a game is different. Some people play many hours in a day. We have to protect our eyes because without them you wouldn't be able to play at all.

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What is one that watches an idiot?

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This host is a idiot.

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3d will be gone in 2 years...

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3d will become more main stream over time as more and more people buy 3d TVs. Also the price point and the glasses dont help right now....but i look forward to have more 3d games

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Play WipeoutHD at 60fps/1080p in full 3D and tell me it's a gimmick. I'm telling you, it looks fricking incredible, and the sense of speeeeeeeeed OMG.....

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As much as I dislike EA, I agree. It's pointless and stupid.

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well i was pretty confident that 3d was going nowhere mgc said its just a gimmick and has its drawbacks as much as it makes some games look better. i dont have stereoscopic vision and admit i enjoy 3d falling flat on its face (as selfish as that is idc) sice i cant enjoy it. still i wouldve bought a 3ds if they had of had a stronger launch lineup even though i cant see 3d. even though i hated my wii i still enjoy mario games.

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3d is another gimmick anyways. if they invented 3d with no glasses that does NOT give you eyestrain, then im in. In other words, invent a gosh darn hologram already. imagine in the future while playing shooting games smoke will fly out and bullet will literally come out of the screen in real time. Where Einstein when you need him

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I didn't think EA had done enough games in 3D for me to even notice them not doing anymore in the first place.

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Wow alot of bad news for Nintendo lately ;(