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PC version should still be coming as it is being developed by Rockstar Leeds Thank god for that...

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So where does that leave us on a PC version of LA Noire?

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So they sell out Team Bondi because the employees are forced into 12 hour workdays and face pressure during "crunch time"? Welcome to the real world! I've been in retail management for almost 20 years and if you complained about stuff like that you'd be unemployed, thats just the way it is.

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so, this means no L A Noire for PC

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Now that was a swift presentation. Nice work. @Alnamus LOL ROFL! Oh, I really shouldn't laugh at those poor people...

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Team Bent over 'n' done in? Poor sods, have to feel for those devs. Could be worse though, they could have been "offered" to do the game adaption of a twilight movie.

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Great Episode guys!