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Call of Duty breaks sales records yet again, Skyrim suffers install issues, and the Arkham City developers party Bruce Wayne style.

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Please don't compare BF3 graphics to COD. There is nothing to compare. Frostbyte surpasses COD graphics by a long shot. Thank you.

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gay cocker!

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ha! his name is GUY COCKER!

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@nyran125 I agree with what you say, but I think you got something backwards there. correct me if I am wrong, but the graphics for Crysis 1 is unsurpassed so far by any other game. even Crysis 2. they actually tweaked it down in Crysis 2 to have console support. a 2006 release is still today's benchmark when testing GPU's. so pretty much whatever they say about better graphics for the last 5 years is BS. I love playing BF3, but the frostbyte 2 is a bit of a scam. it looks the same as frostbite 1 and the same as CoD(insert your favorite installment here __).

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@nyran125 yes the xbox is at its limit but the ps3 hasn't reached its limit yet so if developers wasn't so damn lazy and retarded we would see some pretty damn good looking games on it like with uncharted 3 and killzone 3

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this guy has the worst name aha

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Very good and waiting for patches suck. What a price to pay for wanting HD graphics.

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I couldnt wait to play so didnt install anyway, 2 be fair i did the same with batman and never got round to installing it at all. @SillyMushrooms. I dunno why it would put u off buying the game

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wow, at least I didn't buy Skyrim. Good thing I checked my email before going to the store because I was going to buy Skyrim. Darn

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Aha, I guess I need to delete it off the hard drive :P

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if u have nice PC, get BF3; if u have console only then get MW2 for only 10 dollars

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Awesome reference to Scrooge McDuck!

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Sympathy to the presenter, had to get hell as a kid with that name.

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Why have people been playing the same game, no, the same multiplayer for the past 5 years!?! It's the same crap over and over pumping money into a franchise that's come and overstayed its welcome.

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I thought that skyrim broke all records in steam? It was mentioned in an actual news report that it sold nearly 250k units on the first few days alone! (or was that the first day alone? I'm not sure) Small edit: which brings me to modern warfare, haven't been buying them since they've been abusing it like the sims. Let the series lie for a while and then bring out a new one. That's what I would do. Not one after another within a year or two.

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I passed on CoD, it's been going downhill since CoD4. Now it's the most dumbed down FPS on the market allowing for every toddler and cripple alike to get a killstreak- even after death.... Only a few hours until Halo Anniversary!

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Man those kiddies must be buying it up. This is the first CoD I passed on. The series has been going downhill since CoD4. It's a watered down skilless kiddy fest now. I only know one person that even bought it this time. Now only a few more hours until Halo Anniversary

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YOU WANT Me TO TRASH YOUR F****** LIGHTS?? My god, that mistake will chase Bale forever ^^;

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what does all that profit mean? war + children = Money... that makes Goldman Sachs happy

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i dont consider SKYRIM to be a massive leap from Oblivion and i dont consider BF3 to be a massive leap from Bad company 2 graphics or even Crysis 2 and i dont see CRYSIS 2 to be a massive step up from Crysis 1 from 2006. We are in 2011 going on 2012. I dont think we'll see hugely better graphics at all until XBOX 720, unless you own a PC for ARMA 3 next year. We are at the END of the line of these consoles capability's. So unless you own a PC, i wouldnt be thinking graphics in any future releases until next gen. So if i were you i would just enjoy your games and forget graphics. But graphics aside , SKYRIM is a great game so who cares about graphics and so is CRYSIS 1.

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@GuilhermeHQ and which one is the better game? BF3...Ah ok...

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So let's recap: BF developers talked a lot, trying to look hard, and what happened in the end? MW3 sold what? 2~3 times BF3? Ah ok...

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the texture issue is called playing on a console. Just play the game and enjoy it.

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Bethesda should create a high resolution texture pack for consoles, if its possible.

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its all about the marketing

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yeah i noticed that really!!! i was playing the game to test it then when i installed it on hard drive the game graphics ran low,tnx for the updates man!!! now i know what to do!!! delete skyrim form hard drive and install rage and forza 4 dvd on my drive 8) ... not bad!!!! i dont care how many thumb down i'll get for this but MW3 was great in my opinion ... against bf3 which i was a big fan of it{now im disapointed from bf3} and MW3 was great in storyline and co op slpit screen looks nice too!!! MW3 have both great campain and multiplayer, but bf3 was only a normal multiplayer game and storyline was a joke!!!!

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yea skyrims alright but i think oblivion is better

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The Batman game was fun but after completing the story and side missions there isn't much to do. Those people at Rocksteady should stop partying and develop some dlc stories. I didn't give them money to muck around!

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makes you wonder what other games if any decreases graphics if burned on the hard drive

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@Leonardoutulien Bugs Bugs oh wonderful bugs....

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MW3 what a waste of money

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I don´t get it, installing in the HD should make the game run better, isn´t ?

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Hearing that CoD sold that much already while seeing it in the same video as both Arkham City and Skyrim makes me curious as to why them games of vastly superior creativity and general quality haven't sold those numbers instead. I honestly question humanity sometimes.

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Lol Activision should make COD movie. :lol:

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@supersackboy23 The only problem with that is you then get four blokes from "Fathers for Justice" coming to the rescue. Or, some drunk dudes out on a stag party...

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I think every city should have a bat signal, just in case.